The Doctor Is In: DIY Moisturizers + Psoriasis

Michaela writes: I was wondering If I should spray my hair with a moisturizing mist that made with oil and water everyday. I also have psoriasis and was wondering if there was a natural treatment for my scalp. I have this yeast build up on my scalp in one spot and I was given a pill and shampoo from my doctor yesterday do you have any suggestions?

Dr. Kari Writes:

Daily application of a product that provides moisture and lubrication for your hair strands is important to keep it healthy. If you are mixing the spray yourself make sure the ratio of oil in the mixture is higher than the water. You want to make sure you are sealing in the moisture with the oil. Easier ways to ensure that you are balancing your moisture and lubrication is by applying water based product/moisturizer to the hair first then follow up with an oil to coat the strands and seal in the moisture.

Psoriasis is chronic inflammation of the scalp resulting in thick white, silver or red patches. There are essential oils like tea tree, that can soothe the inflammation of the scalp (in the form of itching and scaling) and apple cider vinegar (ACV) rinses can reduce inflammation; but the most effective treatment is from the inside out. Essential fatty acids are an important nutrient to incorporate into your diet either through supplementation or foods. EFA’s are anti-inflammatories and strengthen and protect the immune system. The stronger your immune system, the less likely you will experience flare-ups of psoriasis in your scalp.

For the yeast build up on your scalp I recommend using what the doctor gave you. Because of their ability to examine your scalp and provide proper diagnosis, the anti-yeast pill and topical anti-fungal shampoo they prescribed are the best recommendations to treat the area.

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