NATURAL NEWS: SheaMoisture Reveals At-Home Hair Color Line

Well this is just some of the coolest news I’ve heard from a product line in a while and if you read the title line, then you already know:

SheaMoisture just launched a line of HAIR COLOR

I’ve been a big fan of SheaMoisture for a long, long time. They’re easily accessible (Target, Walgreens), have a great price point (under $10) and have uncomplicated, wholly natural ingredients! Now the brand has released a new line called The Art of Color that boasts over 12 new hues ranging from Light Blonde to Dark Brown to Bright Auburn to Jet Black.


Like the hair care products, The Art of Color products were formulated without ammonia, a common, hair-damaging ingredient found in many at-home hair color kits, and are infused with natural ingredients such as Soy Protein, Organic Glycerin and Shea Butter! You can expect the permanent colors to provide complete grey coverage and lift 2 shades.

“We created the SheaMoisture Hair Color System in response to our customers asking for a healthier hair color option,” says SheaMoisture founder and CEO Richelieu Dennis. “We formulated our system to be ammonia-free, and added natural and certified organic ingredients to nourish the hair during the coloring process. We’ve also included three of our award-winning hair care products to ensure that your hair retains moisture and color stays true.”

Now my favorite part about these new products is the box artwork! Each box features an original watercolor painting by artist Michael Jamal, commissioned by SheaMoisture to depict each of the 12 new colors. SheaMoisture Creative Director Jewels Barron explains that for the brand “it was important to us to represent our community in a way that encompasses all of our individualism and beauty.” Barron adds, “I want women to see themselves in the hair color box art, not heavily Photoshopped and made-up models, who don’t speak to their uniqueness and personalities.”

I don’t think I’ve ever said this about a hair product before, but I want to make one into a poster for my home! Is that possible, SheaMoisture? Can you hook a girl up please? Kidding…wait, no I’m not at all. I want this as a poster.

Anywho, artwork aside–I’m really excited to see these on the shelves and scope all the beautiful, colorful results! The Art Of Color hair color system will be sold in 400 Targets around the country for $14.99.

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  1. This is exciting news! I color my hair at home so I can’t wait to try it!

  2. although I haven’t tried all of the Shea Moisture products, I like most of the ones I have tried. Can’t wait to try their hair color when I color my now TWA this summer. Thanks for the update!

  3. i loooove the artwork n was thinkin that as well like hmmm i want that on my wall. i wanna try em but **scuuuuuur on 22’s** at $15 O_O umm umm…my dark n lovely for $5 has been doin me juuuuust fine!!

  4. I rushed to target when I heard about this. I hadn’t colored my hair in years but I’d been itching to dye it since I’ve been wearing it natural. I love it! I think it’s worth the $15 it comes with a sample size, shampoo, conditioner, and oil that I used 3x.

  5. have you tried the hair color yet? i saw the recent news about it but i’m still on the fence about dyeing my hair.

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