The Life Inspired: words of wisdom from Will Smith

At my school, all 8th graders are required to give a 5 minute speech to graduate from middle school. A recent Facebook survey to the homies revealed that my friends gave talks ranging from the holocaust to synchronized swimming to Winnie the Pool to the Titantic to Vans to why sports stars are over paid.

Me? Well, naturally I gave mine on Will Smith and his illustrious career, which at that point in time had just been crowned with the jewel of Independence Day. I ended the speech with line that has since become a punch line in my family: “who knows where this talented individual will go next? Only time WILL tell.” Get it? GET IT!??? GeT iT!?!?!?!?! ahahhahaaha.


Well that was over 15 years ago and time has since shown us that Will Smith not only has staying power as an actor, but as an individual with character, values and strength. I wanted to share this video of him that has clipped together some of his most inspiring, encouraging and motivating quotes on achieving your dreams, striving to DO GOOD in the world, beliefs, fears and making choices.

What I appreciate most is that the video brings together a handful of different segments, but he never contradicts himself and has a beautiful way of reiterating his most poignant points, showing that he knows truly who he is and what he believes. I have a feeling that that is why he has been able to achieve the success that he has.

I received this video from Paul C. Brunson with a statement that said “This Video WILL change your life”. After watching it and letting it all sink in, I really believe that it might….

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  1. Wow this video blew me away. He covered all the stuff that has been buried in my consciousness.
    Thank you.

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