Get Perfect Curls with this Common Household….Appliance?

The folks over at Design Essentials are always coming up with innovative products and styles for natural hair, but I was really surprised to see this new style using VACUUM components to create perfect curls.

A vacuum! Yea, you heard me right! I don’t know about you, but when I heard that, I envisioned a Roomba scooting around on Lola. NOT a good look, but read on fearless readers—this actually sounds legit!


Design Essentials® Master Stylist Deshonica Kerri came up with this styling technique that uses vacuum rings to set the hair.The final result is very similar to that of a rod set BUT by using these circular rings, it cuts the styling time by 50% because instead of using hundreds of rods, you can just use a few rings!!! How impressive is that!?

Wanna give it a whirl? Here’s how Design Essentials explains how to do it:



The critical item needed for this style is rubber vacuum cleaner rings, found at any home goods store. If you want to dry hair using a hooded dryer or overnight, be sure to purchase enough rings to set the entire head. Deshonica calls this a “dry set,” meaning hair doesn’t have to be soaking wet to achieve. First, comb through hair to eliminate tangles. Dampen the hair with Design Essentials® Natural Twist & Set Setting Lotion. As you work through the hair, section off 2″ square partings to work with.



Take a 2″ square section of hair comb through to ensure hair is detangled. Take ring and put hair between the ring, laying ring against the scalp. Split the section of hair into 2 subsections. Begin at the root of the subsection of hair and begin wrapping the hair around the vacuum ring in a spiral.

Deshonica notes that the number of times you wrap the hair around the ring will mimic the tightness of the resulting curl-more times equals a tighter curl, while less times and more space between the wraps equals a looser, more stretched-out curl. With the second subsection, begin repeating the process on the opposite side of the vacuum ring.

To prevent flyaways and frizzy ends, seal off the end with end papers. Another tip is once the hair has been wrapped around the ring, allowing it to hang down will provide more volume at the base. Flipping the ring up to lay against the scalp will tighten the base for more smoothness.



Before unwinding the hair from the vacuum ring, Deshonica coats hands with a mixture of Design Essentials® Nutriment Rx Creme Hairdress and Herbal Complex 4 Hair and Scalp treatment for moisture and conditioning. Begin unwrapping hair from the ring and separating into smaller subsections for fullness. The more times you separate the section, the more full the style will be. You can polish the look with Design Essentials® Diamonds Hair Sheen and Form Hair Spray for hold. Finishing products listed above may be purchased online or at local area salons. To identify local area salons or to purchase products online, visit

For those of you that are more VIDEO inclined, check out this instructional vid:

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  1. Nice results, but I’ll stick with rollers for now. LOL

  2. Very creative indeed! Thumbs up to design essentials!

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