Want to Lose Weight? Put $25 On It. 12 Hours to Join Me on DIETBET

I have an extremely persistent friend named Kelsey who for weeks has been trying to talk me into joining her on DietBet, a website where you place a bet on your ability to lose 4% of your body weight in 4 weeks. If you don’t lose the weight then you also lose your money. If you DO, then you get your money back AND the money of the people in your pool who don’t do it.

Frankly, I had my doubts about the validity of the service–I mean HOW is some website supposed to know that you aren’t lying? Was this really a good use of my $25? Do I have time to even focus on losing weight right now? Not to mention I don’t need people up in the business of how much I weigh!! I didn’t really get it so I kind of pushed her to the side, but as I mention this chica is P.E.R.S.I.S.T.E.N.T. and finally got me to click the link of the DietBet she had organized starting in a week.

It looked pretty cool.  And all of my concerns?  Alleviated:

  • DietBet uses a pretty intricate weigh-in system that involves a “secret word”, scale, and full length mirror.  If for some reason the DietBet referees think you are lying—then you get sent to DietBet “court” aka a Skype meeting.
  • Unless you click “SHARE EVERYTHING ON FACEBOOK”, your weight and photos are keep private, only to be seen by the DietBet referees.
  • Once I did the calculation, 4% of my weight is under 10 pounds and I can achieve that goal by losing under 2 lbs a week.
  • (and this is my rationale for MANY things I talk myself into): I can [EASILY] spend $25 out on a night of drinking.  So I can certainly spend this much in the name of wellness.

And so I signed up.

Wanting to lose weight is one thing. Winning money is quite another. Placing my OWN money makes it imperative.

Our $25 DietBet starts TOMORROW and we’ve already got 41 players so the pot is up to $1025!  If you want to join me and our group you can find us here!

On that note, I gotta go officially enter my weigh in! Here goes nothing! Er….here goes 4% of my weight that is.


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  1. Persistence is my specialty.
    Up to $850 and counting!

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