Natural Deodorant Review: Lafes + Full Set Giveaway!

As you know, I’m transitioning once again…this time to natural deodorant!  It was definitely off to a rocky and kinda stinky start, but things are definitely looking up here!  Enter: LAFES.  This all-natural brand based out of Austin, TX has not just one but TWO deodorants in their line.  I’ve put them both through the ringer over the past couple weeks.  What ringer you ask?  THE TRIATHLON TRAINING RINGER.  There is no better way to test out deodorants than swimming, biking and running my heart out.

Lafes all natural deodorants definitely scored many points because even after 30 mile bike rides and 4 mile runs, I was impressed to find that I was not at all a stinky girl!  Which means: THIS. STUFF. WORKS!  Once Lafes passed the tri-testing, I’ve been wearing it around on my day-to-day, out dancing and even to some fancy events with nary a worry!

There’s two varietals: a roll-on and a stick (but Lafe’s sells many, MANY more).  I preferred the roll-on because I found it to be much easier to apply, but this could be up  to personal preference.


Aside from deodorant, I’ve also been trying out Lafes’ Earthly Delight all natural hair products.  These products have squeaky clean ingredient lists (meaning you can pronounce everything on the list) and leave my coils feeling uber nourished.

Hair Product Tasting Notes

Shampoo: Has a subtle, but rich lather.  Rinses easily and clean, leaving hair moisturized and non-stripped.

Conditioner:  Thick and creamy with lots of slip.  I’ve been rocking it as a leave in as well!

Pomade: Lola doesn’t like oils and butters, so I’ve been loving this one as a skin moisturizer.

BONUS: They’ve also got a lip balm thats slick, soft, smooth and citrusy!

Check out this vid where I give the rundown too!




Lafes loves the naturalistas and is sponsoring a giveaway of TWO full size sets of products to a couple lucky winners.  Head on over to the Lafe’s Facebook Page to enter!



To learn more about Lafes and purchase products visit their website.

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  1. I don’t have a FB account (I do have Twitter), so sadly I cannot enter. I visited the webpage and cannot find where to purchase these deodorant. I too have been in the hunt for a good effective deodorant with no (potentially) toxic ingredients.

    Can you let me know how I can get my hands on these products (would love one for me and one for my Mother).

    Love your blog.


  2. Have you tried arm pit candy? is the site

  3. Thanks for the post! I kind of followed the same path as you, but stuck with the natural deodorant since it works so well for me. Did you try Lavilin at all? I think it’s a truly amazing product!

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