Out of the closet with SCANDAL!

For two years I have watched my Twitter and Facebook feeds jam up with #allscandaleverything each and every Thursday. For the longest time I ignored it: I don’t have a TV and my Hulu queue was already to quota with my faves (Parks and Rec, Modern Family, Madmen and Homeland). But then, finally, after a particularly compelling flurry of Facebook posts I finally decided to bite the bullet and check this whole Scandal thing out.

At first I thought it sucked. I didn’t care for the story lines and thought the acting was super mediocre, but I found myself fascinated by the fact that Olivia Pope is based on a real-life character.

But out of sheer curiosity I continued to watch and the next thing you know: Huck is torturing people, Livvy and Fitz are doing things that more suited to Cinemax after dark, Harrison is getting cuter by the nano second and the Lindsay/Quinn can’t stop won’t stop being defiant about Defiance and she’s REALLY stirring the pot.

It took me two weeks to catch up to the current episodes and now I find myself anxiously anticipating Thursdays so I can get my Scandal fix. Because of the seriously aggressive way I dropped into the show, it became pretty consuming there for a second, I have emerged with a lot of thoughts and insights on the show, it’s characters, plots and production! Here are my top 5:


Riddle me this, where else on TV do you see a gay Chief of Staff with a black baby, a Jewish [ex-] US Attorney with sassy asian sidekick/gofor and a ginger [ex-] girlfriend, a black Senator and President Pro Tempe, a female VEEP, and powerful, passionate, makesyouwannasmokeacigarettesfter interracial love affair? The producers of the show did an awesome job of stirring the pot of that which is traditionally superduper white, male and wasp-y. There are no “tokens”, just a delightful cross section of people representing society.

The Music

I mean, having a soundtrack that brings back some of the BEST soul and funk is amazing. My favorite? The last episode where Olivia and Fitz find themselves in—what WAS that??? A room filled with Internet servers? On any other show it would have been scored by some cheesy instrumental track, but on Scandal? Stevie Wonder’s “I Don’t Know Why I Love You” made this a truly memorable scene!

Olivia’s Winter White

If you’ve ever watched madmen then you know that the show is absolutely laden with symbology in everything from the props to the [excellent] costumes. I think that the costume designers of Scandal have worked some very similar magic into Olivia’s clothing as well. You’ll notice that she is always wearing not pure white, but winter white, off-white or cream. For someone who talks so much about wearing a “White Hat” as a good guy, her consistent choice of a non pure white to me shows an impurity of her character, which we have seen, exists. As good as her intentions are and as true her love is…she is still an election-rigging homewrecker.



I mean i find him to easily be the most fascinating character on the show. For as twisted and completely SHADY as this dude keeps on turning out to be, he is certainly the most loyal and, in a weird sense, moral character on the show. He truly is a gladiator in …… flannel and jeans.


Where do we go from here???

Although the second season has yet to finish, the major plot lines have now come to a head. Something BIG has gotta happen to set the scene for an equally scandalous third season. Sure we could go back to watching them be “fixers” but the undercurrent that ties all the players together is Defiance. My $$$ is on the season finale being absolutely cray and bring a WHOLE new twist in! Hold on to your butts…and see you on Twitter :)

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  1. I’m like you. I love this serious and found a site where I could catch up so that I could really understand the buzz. It’s a very well done serious and I find that they have thought about everything. Olivia is likeable, beautiful but flawed, as well as her team. The love story between her and Fitz is steamy and enticing. I agree that Defiance is going to blow up the show but I’m sure they’ve got a twists to save Olivia. What would Washington, D.C be without Olivia Pope right?

  2. I love the show, the characters, the music. See you on Twitter!

  3. Everything about this show is amazing! I didn’t fall for the hype until the end of the first season which meant hubby and I quickly had to catch up. Shonda Rimes has done an excellent job of captivating us week after week with the storyline. Love the way you chopped up each character!!!

  4. I knew you would come around. I have been down with this show since the beginning and I still love it. Diverse, Diverse, Diverse. I don’t get a chance to watch much television but Thursday nights are my TV night. I get a chance to kick my feet up and watch the drama in someone elses life. Ahhhhh………….

  5. I started watching “Scandal” because I was going through severe “Sons of Anarchy” and “The Walking Dead” withdrawal and thought Kerry Washington was the only shining star in a sea of average. So imagine my surprise when six episodes in I became totally addicted! Yes, some of the sub-plotlines border on soap opera territory and not everyone’s acting is as near flawless as Ms. Kerry’s but damn, this show is just so good. I’m mad that I’m all caught up now and have to wait every week for a new episode!

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