The Naked Curl ROUND UP!

Last Tuesday Sasha of Afroniquely You organized a day for all us naturalistas to take a break from all the curl hydrating/styling/defining/smoothing products we’re used to and INSTEAD rock our 100% natural and naked curls. As soon as I heard about it, I planned on doing it, but upon waking up last Tuesday I realized that not only did I have an important event to attend that night, but it was also a SWIM practice day for my triathlon, which meant that without post-swim leave in conditioner, I risked the chance of super frizzy, dry hair that could potentially be damaged.

However, if I say I’m gonna do something, I’m gonna do it.

Normally after swimming I use a deep conditioner as a leave in because my curls are so dried up and frazzled from the chlorine. Instead, I washed and conditioned my curls then steamed then with pure water afterwards, making sure to keep my hair free of any conditioner and styling product.

Then I snapped a picture of myself with my naked curls to share with the web per our protocol–AND in an effort to take the au naturel thing to the next level, I didn’t put on make up, add a filter or retouch the photo in anyway, something I can honestly say I don’t think I’ve ever intentionally done before…

Screen shot 2013-02-19 at 6.59.49 AM

After posting the picture, I thought about how I had to go to my event that night and how I COULD cheat and go do my hair. Very quickly I decided not to and got all did up and rocked my naked curls ffor the event, feeling great about it the whole evening!

Overall my hair was less defined than normal, but not by much. I think that the length and the steam helped me retain a lot of definition and shape. I could see letting products go for a bit, but I do wonder about how moisturized I could keep my hair if I went longer than a day… do I sense Naked Curl WEEK!? Ha! We’ll see….

Many of you sent your pictures in of YOUR naked curls, so here are the snaps of some of the ladies who participated in #thenakedcurl :


Naoj with product

Naoj with product

Naoj and her naked curls!

Naoj and her naked curls!


Adrienne with product

Adrienne with product

Adrienne's naked curls!

Adrienne’s naked curls!


Crystal G. Williams-Jackson


Stephanie's naked curls!

Stephanie’s naked curls!


Kisha with product

Kisha with product

Kisha's naked curls!

Kisha’s naked curls!

Thanks to all of you who sent in your pictures and for showing the world your naked curls! Hopefully, like me, you found it empowering to be 100% your natural self! Let’s rock it more often!!

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  1. I dont see much of a difference in your hair and in many of the other ladies. Makes me wonder how much many of us REALLY need all the product in our hair at all!!

  2. ooop who is that…EEEK me!! this was a good challenge cuz it was funny to see how it made out throughout the day with NO product and the evolution of the naked curls from the time i stepped out the shower to the time it dried lol

  3. The Naked Curl Day was quite the day LOL! This was fun to do.

  4. Crystal-eslfriedrice

    I really enjoyed this! Thanks for including me!

  5. This was fun! Thanks for the feature :)

  6. Hey that’s Me!! Thanks for the feature! I had fun and it was quite freeing! Will be going naked more often ; )

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