Show Off Your Naked Curls TOMORROW! (2.12.13)

Sasha Shae-Shaw of AfroniquelyYou has come up with a BRILLIANT campaign and I wanted to get all us NaturalSelectionBlog’ers in on it!

Tomorrow, Tuesday February 12th wear your hair without any cremes, gels, conditioners, butters, whips, souffles, spritzes— you get the point: NAKED! As Sasha said “No conditioners, no curl enhancers, no manipulation, just our hair as it is!!”

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I personally cannot remember the last time I went a day without some sort of product in my hair so this should be a very interesting experiment in how Lola behaves in the nude. Will she be rude or will she be gooood? (I tried to rhyme there. It went okay.)

The goal is to SHOW THE WORLD so post pix of your naked curls to Twitter/Instagram/Facebook using the hashtag #thenakedcurl and #naturalhair.  I’ll be posting mine so make sure to follow me!

I would also LOVE if you send me pictures directly so I can share them on the blog. If you’re interested in being featured, please email me a ‘WITH PRODUCT’ and ‘NO PRODUCT’ shot with the subject line ‘My Naked Curls’ to cassidy [at] naturalselectioblog [dot] com.

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  1. Oh Joy! I can’t wait to see Lola naked. I’m more of a voyeur than an exhibitionist, but I wish I were brave enough to come to work naked tomorrow.

  2. This will be interesting!! (I’ll make sure to pack my water spritz bottle LOL)

  3. wonderful idea, I show my naked,kinky, 4C hair in all her glory! I stay in the house all day

  4. LOL@ above comment. I have several times. But it’s hard to detangle later on. I hardly ever do that anymore. I don’t use co and just seal with an oil and braid it.

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