Why oh why did I sign up for this?

Y’all, I did something crazy.  Like, really crazy.  What is it you ask?

Welp.  I signed up to do a triathlon.

Obviously in the grand scheme of cray, it’s not Britney Spears head shaving or anything like that, but for the next four months I will be swimming, biking and running 6 days a week.  THA SHI TOTES CRAY, SON!

Now you’re probably wondering, how did this all happen?  Let me explain:

Last year I started running because I decided to make an effort to overcome my lifelong mental aversion to it.  I hated it at first, but I stuck with it and now I can rock it.  A few weeks ago I was out in the park for a quick little jog when I began to think that I actually wanted to get BETTER at running.  Knowing myself and the aforementioned aversion I realized that the only way I could get better at running was if I had someone pushing me to do so.  This got the gears in my head a-churning thinking about the other things I wanted to get better at and the next thing you know I was sitting at my computer researching the glorious, yet terrifying, triathlon trifecta of swimming, biking and running.

A few years ago I did something called the AIDS/LifeCycle which is a 570-mile bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles geared towards raising funds for and awareness of AIDS.  It was one of the most memorable and meaningful experiences of my life not to mention I got in really, and I mean REALLY good shape.

ALC Cass

Me with my trusty steed at the halfway point between SF and LA…about 300 miles into the ride!

I figured with a triathlon I could not only get back into endurance sport shape, but also have the direction and focus of something to train for!  So what the hey?!  I signed up!

Out of the gates, I thought I would do a Long Course, which is a 56-mile bike ride, 1.2 mile swim and 13.1 mile run (yes that IS a half marathon tacked on at the end there).  After getting a peek at the training schedule, I’ve decided to scale back seeing as this is my first Tri and all and do the Olympic Course, which is a 28-mile bike ride, .98 mile swim and 6 mile run.  I have been assured that this is still damn hard.  The whole shebang will be going down the first weekend of May out here in Cali.  I’ve been told that the course is quite steep….. o_O

I’m just wrapping up my first week of official training and what can I say: I am sore in places I never thought I’d be, I am constantly hungry, but I am having fun being challenged in this new way!  I’m sure that there will be many more lessons along the way and I hope that you will join me for my journey!  I’m going to be sharing updates on the training process so that you can follow along with the progress of this grand new adventure! There will also be some opportunities for you to support as well so stay tuned!  I can’t wait to share with you the ups, the downs, the learnings, and the GEAR!

Oh the gear.

If there is one thing I have come to realize is that triathlons are basically excuse to live in spandex (which I love) and the truth is that I am one flashy mofo when it comes to exercise gear.  The brighter and tighter the better, right!?  Right.  Lots more where this came from.

Screen shot 2013-01-31 at 1.10.42 PM

“No, but really, Cass….what sport are you going to do in that outfit?” – My roommate Smiley (answer: BIKE!)


Strength training with my roommate Dylan.

Strength training with my roommate Dylan.

So here’s to trying and TRI’ing new things!  HERE GOES NOTHIN KIDS!

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  1. Congrats on pushing the limits on fitness. I know that “why did I sign up” feeling but every time I finish I’m always glad that I met the challenge
    Love the gear!
    Can’t wait for the blogs of this journey

  2. Well Dern you!!! This was the last bit of motivation that I needed to sign up for my 1st half marathon!!! Race is April 28 in NH. Long time lurker and 1st time commenter – it took a fitness challenge to bring me into the light. Now off to do a training run in this 30 degree Massachusetts weather!! Good Luck!

  3. Very inspiring!. I was JUST contemplating signing up for a Run to End Women’s Cancer up here in Toronto. You have motivated me :)

  4. Best of luck to you! Thanks for keeping us inspired, informed and entertained. ;) I’m going to go for Jui-Jitsu, fitness boxing and working my head of hair back into shape~ BTW where did you get your arm covers? I love them and need them often living here in fogtown Daly City!

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