The Life Inspired: Afrobella on courage and finding your beauty

What can I say, Patrice (a.k.a. Afrobella) is a total G.

This weeks dose of The Life Inspired comes from her TEDx talk she gave recently in her home of Trinidad. I’ve had the opportunity to get to know her over the past couple years, first through her blog and then in person over Chicago deep dish pizza, hurricanes + beignets in NOLA and most recently on stage in Los Angeles. Despite being one of the most prominent bloggers in the world, the one thing that immediately comes across when talking with Patrice is that she is one of the most authentic individuals you will ever meet.


This talk touches on an idea that I truly believe in:

courage comes from fear.


Looking back, I realize that many of the most rewarding and memorable experiences in my life were first planted with seeds of fear. People often call me “fearless”, but the truth is that more often than not I just tap into my courage within. Whether it’s chopping my hair off or taking off to explore a foreign country on my own or quitting a full-time job to pursue my passion, courage is my guiding force.

Enjoy this inspiring talk about finding your own path, your own beauty and most importantly your own courage to face your fears and accomplish your dreams!

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  1. When she said “I got sick of that feeling”, it stuck in my brain. Because there was a time when I was ashamed of wearing certain things because I was afraid of people’s opinions. But one day, I just didn’t care anymore and started wearing sleeveless tops/more dresses/makeup, and it was the most liberating feeling. So, I thank her for sharing her story because it’s great knowing that others have been through that and were made better for it.

  2. Hi Cassidy – Loving “The Life Inspired” and this particular post with Afrobella speaking on ‘Courage’. I had the pleasure of meeting you both in LA at the Brunch with Eden event as a guest of Felicia Leatherwood’s. I’m looking forward to staying connected as we all continue the journey to be our authentic natural selves and encourage others to do the same. To your best year yet!

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