NothingBut The Basics: 2nd-3rd-4th-5th Day Hair! (+FINAL GIVEAWAY)

Sure it might be nice to get up in the morning and have the time to give yourself a fresh new style every day, but uh let’s be real: that’s just not happening.

Whether you wear a wash’n’go or twists, styling fresh is not only time consuming but also has the potential to be super damaging for your hair! The key then is to figure out how YOU, yes you, can rock 2nd Day hair.

Heck with the proper styling product and sleep routine, I’ve even gotten 9th day hair ! Here’s are my two keys for rocking 2nd (to 9th!) day hair:

1. Make sure you protect your hair when you’re sleeping. This doesn’t necessarily mean 3 hours of retwisting or rebraiding before bed, but use a satin sleep cap, scarf or pillow. Watch this video of my nighttime regimen to see how how I like sleep to preserve my curls!

2. When going for hair on the 2nd to 9th day, remember: THERE IS ALREADY STYLING PRODUCT IN YOUR HAIR. The key is that you need to reactivate it! How? With moisture! Check out this where I show ya how it’s done!

Pretty easy, huh?

Alright, now it’s time to get into our FINAL week of NothingBut Trivia. Here’s this week’s final question:

What are the top 3 reasons for breakage in natural hair, according to Nothing But’s resident expert Will Williams?

The answer can be found on NothingBut’s website.

the contest is now closed!


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