I Couldn’t Resist the Clippers (Part 2)

So where did I leave off?

Oh right! I left the salon looking all cute and fly and digging my hair. I woke up in the morning and figured that since I had short hair- what the hey!? Why not wash it! So I went through my normal cleanse, condition, and style routine and when I got out of the shower I saw that my hair was looking a bit… off. My curls weren’t defined at all and instead were sticking straight up giving me a flat top. Which is not what I wanted. At all.


I tried to work with it, I really did, but I felt less #CrazySexyCool, and more #HouseParty. It wasn’t good.


As promised I returned to Marie for my finishing touches. Maybe, just maybe, I thought she can figure out what was going on here. And as soon as I sat in her chair she gasped:

“Where are your curls!?”

“I thought something was wrong!!! I thought that maybe it was just that my hair was too short to curl!”

“Go home IMMEDIATELY and steam your hair. I can’t cut anything because all I see is frizz!”


It was bad. But I followed the doctors orders and used my Huetiful Hair Steamer with DevaCurl’s Heaven In Hair, leaving it in when the steam sesh was over.

Thankfully, when all was said and done, my little curly coils were BACK and I breathed a MASSIVE sigh of relief. Turns out that the cut and color had given poor little Lola a shock and all she needed was a dose of hydration to be revived. PHEW!


I’m finally happy to say that Lola has received a clean bill of health and approval to be photographed. So without further ado:

Apparently short haircuts give you cheekbones? Don’t know where those things came from, but I don’t mind one bit.

So I didn’t go cue ball or really, really low on the fade because one of the things I like most about my hair is it’s texture. We wanted to go for a length that would truly show off my unique texture and teeny weeny curls and I think we did just that! A huge THANK YOU to Marie of Madusalon for as always taking my crazy and convoluted hair ideas and creating an awesome and unique style. If you’re in the Bay Area you REALLY must check out Madu. They’re the best.

This cut is everything. No really, it is. It’s sophisticated and playful, structured yet soft, refined yet edgy. So far I am L-O-V-I-N-G how easy it is to take care of and the drying time is next to nothing (a far cry from my usual 8 hours!). It also really makes me want to DRESS and bring out lots of fun colors, accessories and patterns.]


As you know, I really like to name each of my styles, but I’m really at a loss right now! If you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comments and I’ll pick one of ’em out!

**STYLE SHOUT OUT: Thanks to FunkyButtons for hooking up the pictured red earrings. Check out her shop and get yourself a pair of your own!***

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  1. Yes Cassidy YES! I absolutely love it! Work it lady!

  2. Playful Pixie! This cut fit you:o)

  3. I love it!!!!

  4. Both you and your new cut are beautiful! I don’t have the face for super short hair but it really is stunning (and stylish) on you!

  5. Love it Cassidy! Looks great! Looking forward to seeing your journey ahead.. p.s. I love that pic with the purple cardigan and burnt orange dress!

  6. It looks awesome! You’ve inspired me to cut mine!

  7. Love the cut and outfit! Yes, your cheekbones are popping!

  8. That cut is fierce! Love it!

  9. I love it!!! I can’t wait to summer to cut my hair!!!

  10. Your hair looks great, color and style are both working. Great new look , you wear it well.

  11. Wow, makes me wanna go short! Love it; really looks good on you :-)

  12. OMG! Your cut is a-mazing (and I don’t use that word often)!!! :-) You really make me think about a real cut.

  13. I love, love, love it! I got a veeerry similar cut and colour last month, although your curls are a bit looser so it has a different look. I totally feel you on wanting to “dress up” the cut now…isn’t it fun?!! You and Lola look absolutely lovely; looking forward to seeing what styling adventures you have with the new cut. Happy growing!

  14. Gorgeous! The cut & the color look fabUlous on you! I’ve been following your blog & YT for abt a year, could you please do an update on your current regimen & prodcut use…..please?

  15. That cut is everything…you look fabulous.

  16. Piggy backing off of what everyone else has stated, it looks great on you! Well done!

  17. cute hairstyle!

  18. Great style! I also recently did chop, chop (3rd BC) and I noticed I have the same problem with the fizz and no curl definition. I want to color my hair and wanted some tips on how to get curl definition afterwards as I don’t have hair steamer.

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