NothingBut The Basics: Defined Curls (+ GIVEAWAY!)

Ah yes, we are back with WEEK THREE of NothingBut The Basics. Our topic this week is DEFINITION as in, how to get those frizz-free coily curls. Let me start with a few truths about definition:

  1. Some hair has a more defined natural curl pattern and others don’t!  That’s just how we were born, but there are styling tools and techniques that can create defined curls on any hair.
  2. Defined curls are NOT the be all end all.  In fact, the more on-trend look is to rock the frizz and undefined curls.

Now that we’ve got that straightened out, check out this video where I discuss the three techniques and products to achieve defined curls on all types of hair long, naturally defined curls to TWA’s!

Now you know what time it is!? That’s RIGHT! TRIVIA! This week’s trivia question is:


What color is the label on top of each jar of Nothing But Mold & Hold?

The answer can be found on the NothingBut website.  To enter fill out the form below with your information and the correct answer.  The winner, picked at random, will be announced next week!

the giveaway has closed.  thank you!  make sure to enter THIS week’s drawing!




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  1. Q: What color is the label on top of each jar of Nothing But Mold & Hold?
    A: Purple

    Other info: I LOVE your products!!! I have done a review video of your sample pack (, and if given your full range of products, I will do monthly video updates of my hair’s progress <3

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