The Curl Clumping + Combing Conundrum

Yemi writes:

Hey Cassidy, I just watched your Wash and go vid and I’m curious: have your coils always clumped back up so easily after applying product? I didn’t comb my hair for a couple weeks and in that time my hair has clumped into teeny little pen spring coils which I have been defining in a wash and go. However, I’m worried about them being broken up when I finally detangle with a comb/brush. Is this something that becomes less of an issue when the coils have finally “set” i.e. not been broken up by combing for a while? Or is there a special technique I should be using to keep them clumped? I’ve been natural for eons but never knew my hair could do this until now so I’m at a loss for how to care for these coils! Thanks!

Why yes, yes indeed I do have this issue!  I have a naturally defined curl pattern made up of teeny weeny tiny coils made of zillions of fine strands.   IMG_9178 Part of the deal with keeping my fine coils healthy and happy is that I have to rid them of all the shed hairs on a regular basis.  A weekly detangling session with a wide tooth comb usually does the trick, but every so often I really like to get in there with a brush or a Tangle Teezer. combs-sheds The issue is, whenever I detangle my hair my signature coils disappear!  I am left with undefined puffs of natural hair, which is fine, but it’s far from my curl pattern. I have found that the key to retaining your curl pattern after you detangle is to apply another round of conditioner!  If I’m doing a serious detangling session (with a brush or Tangle Teezer) I’ll even do another deep conditioner.  The hydration from the conditioner will help my curls regain their definition.  Then I apply a stronger styling aid to keep them held (ie. a gel over a styling creme).


Check out this video where I explain how I use my favorite detangling tools on short and long hair!

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  1. Yay, thanks so much for answering my question! But of course, now I have to get greedy and ask some more questions ‘cos I need to clarify a few things. So when you apply your “Round 2″ conditioner, is it after fully rinsing out the “Round 1″ conditioner? Or do you detangle with “Round 1″ conditioner in your hair, apply “Round 2″ conditioner while “Round 1″ is still in and THEN rinse both conditioners out? I hope all that makes sense, lol. :)

    • Go ‘head and get greedy!

      So here’s the run down:

      1. Cleanse
      2. Apply conditioner for detangling
      3. Detangle
      4. Rinse detangling conditioner
      5. Apply a “re-clumping” conditioner
      6. let that sit for a few minutes OR do a deep conditioner with it. Shake your curls vigorously!
      7. Rinse that out and style as usual!


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