Detox Day 10: we’re home free!

My how time flies when you’re having fun and not eating sugar or boozing! No really, it does. After last week’s post about my struggles with overcoming my sugar cravings, things got a lot easier. The sugar cravings just simply…went away. My desire to munch on bread, however did not. Oh well.

That said, despite the many temptations that have been thrown my way over the past couple weeks I have resisted and remained true to the detox and was even able to enjoy a few dinners with friends who ate right along with me!

Beyond just the food aspect, I’ve really been focused on getting back into my exercise routine and getting a good nights’ sleep every night. It’s been nice to chill out and nest around the house after the inundation of holiday excitement and social plans. This detox has proven to not just be an opportunity to reset my eating habits, but also recenter and rebalance my entire life. My mind has been very lucid and flowing with exciting (and I mean REALLY exciting) ideas of projects I’m going to take on in 2013.

This week my eating has been less focused on large meals and more on lots of snacks. It’s a different approach than last week, but has been equally satisfying. Check out this super easy recipe with one of my most favorite snacks.

Sesame and Savory Sweet Potatoes


-Sweet potato
-Tahini (sesame sauce)

-Cut the sweet potatoes into bite size pieces (half moons or cubes will work!)
– Roast the sweet potatoes in an preheated 350-degree oven until soft
– Put onto a plate and drizzle with 1 tbsp of tahini, a swirl of agave and S&P to taste
– Enjoy a shockingly delicious and nutritious snack!


Another snack I’ve been enjoying are MOCHI! The mochi I’m talking about here are not the frozen, ice cream, dessert mochi, but instead a savory baked mochi. In fact the two are about the exact opposite of each other. These are a fascinating food. They’re kinda like the opposite of Shrinky-Dinks. They come in a small, flat hard brick, but when baked puff up into a sort of mini popover. Because they’re rice-based, they’re gluten free, but still have this delightful chewy flavor. I’ve been enjoying stuffing them with avocado, tahini and butternut squash!

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  1. This is awesome! Congrats on reaching your detox goal and also to feeling enlightened:) It’s amazing how much clearer our thoughts are when we feed out bodies properly. Two questions – 1`) What is S&P (sorry if you said this–I’m horroble with acronyms) and 2) Where do you find the yummy baked mochi or do you make it yourself?

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