It’s Official: Karen’s Body Beautiful Hits Target Shelves

Last year, I was so sad to hear the news that Karen’s Body Beautiful was shutting the doors on their Fort Green, Brooklyn shop. But when I heard, why I got over it. Quickly. Why? Because they were going to be focusing their efforts on making a debut at TARGET. A couple of days ago the KBB team announced that it’s official. Yes, my darling naturalistas, as of February you’ll be able to get you KBB fix from your local Targets!

aboutNaturals everywhere should rejoice that this awesome natural hair care brand will be available in cities near them! In an interview with Karen Tappin, KBB founder last year, Karen revealed that none of the ingredient lists would be changing simply because of the mass distribution, meaning that the quality we’ve come to depend on will remain the same. **PHEW**

I know I’ll be super thankful that if I’m ever in a natural hair pinch on the road, I’ll be able to swing through Target and pick up a bottle of Sweet Ambrosia (one of my fave moisturizers!).

NaturalSelectionBlog sends a huge congrats to Karen and the KBB Team!

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  1. Will you stock at target in FAIRLAWN, ohio (Akron)

  2. congrats, I will be surprised if the KBB team DID NOT change the ingredients of their products, because mass distributions cause this; saw this happened to Carol’s Daughter,Shea Moisture and Miss Jessie’s all available st Target

    • I really hope they don’t because I need that Luscious Locks mask.

      I heard Carol’s daughter was the bomb before they changed their ingredients though and hiked their prices up.

      I may have to look more to Etsy for more pure ingredients.

  3. There’s a high probability that quality will go down whether or not the ingredients change. I’ve seen it happen too many times. Hopefully, they are still useful products!

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