Four Weeks of Giveaways ($60 value) with NothingBut the BASICS!

Today I’m kicking off a new 4-week series called NothingBut the Basics, where I’ll be discussing, you guessed it, THE BASICS! For newbies and veterans alike, I thought it would be good to kick off the year with a refresher in natural haircare. AND with each installation I’ll be giving away a full set of NothingBut products to a lucky, trivia-answering winner. Sound like a plan? Great. Let’s get started.


NothingBut CLEAN

A squeaky clean head of hair…ah…there’s nothing like it. Except that in today’s day and age with all of the sulfate-free and co-washing cleansers available on the market, the products that can get our hair as clean as it sometimes needs to be are often over looked.

Co-Washing Vs. Clarifying

Here’s the deal: depending on what products you’re using, co-washing can only get your hair so clean. It’s true that it’s one of the cleansing techniques that retains moisture the most, but relying on only this technique can sacrifice the health of your scalp, follicles and hair. Why? Two words: BUILD UP.

I don’t care if you’re using only juices and berries and the purest of oils , build up is inevitable. We sweat, we scratch and we live in smoggy cities, all of which contribute to build up on our hair (and bodies, but that’s why we wear clothes. Er, one of the reasons.) Watch out for build up if:

  • You use products with silicones and ONLY co-wash or use gentle cleansers
  • You work out frequently
  • You are a living, breathing human being.  It’s happened to me.  It will happen to you.

A couple weeks ago, I was co-washing my hair in between full clarifying washes and as I was rubbing my scalp my nails were digging up all this white GUNK.  It was SO gross and there was SO much.  THIS was build up an I knew just what to do!  I grabbed my NothingBut Clarifying Shampoo and it with a bit of massaging it into my scalp and rinsing, it was all gone.  You heard it here first—it works!


Build up can cause scalp issues such as flaking and itching. It can also cause dryness in your hair. The key is to remove build up and start from a clean slate by using a clarifying shampoo.  Depending on your level of physical activity and the products that you use will dictate how often you should clarify your hair.  As an individual who works out and uses products with silicones, I clarify once a week.  You might need to do so less, but everyone should try to at least once a month.

If you’re reading blogs and forums and keep hearing people use the S-word (stripping), it’s not necessarily something to be afraid of!  The goal of these products IS to strip your hair of all unwanted nasties that may be lurking in there.  After you use a clarifying cleanser, you can surely put moisture back in by a conditioner and/or a deep conditioner; when you do, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that your hair is soaking up ONLY the goodness.

Trivia Time

So you wanna win your own FULL SET of NothingBut products? Here’s this week’s trivia from NothingBut’s resident hair expert, Will Williams:

What are the six “NO” ingredients that NothingBut products list on the label that they avoid when making their products?
The answer can be found on Nothing But’s Website!

Fill out the form below to enter! Winner will be announced next week!

this giveaway is now closed

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  1. Darcey Lynn Cobbs-Lomax

    The “no” products are:
    1. Petrolatum
    2. Mineral Oil
    3. Sulfates
    4. Parabens
    5. Colorants
    6. Phthalates

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