Join Me for a New Year’s Detox + Rejuvenation Program!

H-H-H-H-HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!  I’m not much a resolution person, but I do like to take the flipping of the old calendar to hit the reset button of life and start the year off by focusing on getting back to the routines I love.

Last year, after feeling over indulged from the holidays, I decided to do a four week detox and rejuvenation plan under the expertise and tutelage of Sugarpill Apothecary in Seattle. It was hard.

Like really hard.

But come the month of February I had that super smug-faced glow that only means one thing: I JUST DETOXED AND I FEEL GREAT! While the list of restrictive foods is lengthy, what I really got out of it was not just a cleansed body, but also more mindfulness about what I consume. It was this awareness that made the detox experience worth it.

It’s also why I’m doing it again!

January is just around the corner, and by the time you’re reading this it’s probably HERE.  The 4-week Detox was a bit aggressive, so I am just going to do 2. Wanna join? Here’s the plan:

TIME FRAME: Sunday, January 6th – Saturday, January 19th

THE RUNDOWN: This goal of this detox is to consume pure, natural and clean foods that have little to no inflammatory tendencies or are difficult for those who have food sensitivities to digest including:

  • Processed foods or foods with preservatives or ingredients you cannot pronounce, identify or find in a dictionary
  • Wheat & other gluten rich grains (barley, rye, kamut, spelt, triticale)
  • Dairy (except, perhaps, fermented dairy)
  • Corn & Soy
  • Sugar
  • Alcohol
  • Caffeine
  • Red Meat
  • Nightshade Plants (tomatoes, potatoes, mushrooms, peppers, eggplants)

Adios my lovely peppers and tomatoes! I’ll see you in a couple weeks!

If you’re like me, you’re probably looking at that list thinking “uh, well, what CAN I eat then!!?  Leading up to the ‘Tox on January 7th, I’ll post my little shopping list and a couple recipe ideas that will help get you through!  A life with out caffeine and sandwiches!?  As I said, it’s HARD, but it’s definitely do able!

Here’s to 2013 and getting thing off on a good foot!

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  1. I’m gonna give this a try!!!

  2. I’m in. I ain’t scurred!
    Lol,that’s not true. I’m actually worried about whether this detox will makeit difficult to keep up with my juicing (I’m craving a good apple, pear, carrot mix right now). Thoughts?

    • it’s okay to keep fruits in the mix! just make sure you’re nixing processed sugars (cookies, cakes, ice creams, etc.)

  3. Hey..I will be starting my own detox and juicing 1/2/13…I’m going to love it..I have a gain 30lbs and ready to get back in my work out/detox/juicing fix…I’m going to love it..LET’s DO THIS!!!!!

  4. Wow interested on how this works..

  5. I go with the Programm. Please! dont forget the list

  6. Today is the 1st day of new, healthy me!!!

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