Brunch with EDEN Los Angeles: Wrap Up Post + Gallery

Yesterday I had the absolute pleasure of being a featured panelist at the final Brunch with EDEN series. Hosted in Los Angeles, the event brought out a couple hundred fabulous West Coast naturalistas from Southern California to enjoy delectable brunch and hear a panel of natural hair experts including myself, Afrobella, Felicia Leatherwood and Dr. Kari Williams. It was one of the most informative—not to mention fun to be on—panels I’ve ever been on! We talked about everything from our first memories of being linked to our hair (mine was a story about when a stylist refused to let me sit in my hair when I was 8 years old because I had “too much hair”, which has since become family lore). We laughed, shared information and personal stories all linked to our hair and hair journeys. Sitting on stage alongside all of these powerful women I was inspired by the fact that all our unique and individual journeys had brought us all to this stage to share a common cause. We were also joined by the OWN Network’s Paul C. Brunson who shared his perspective on the natural hair movement— always cool to get the guy’s perspective on things! (Basically, ladies– go for a guy that wants the YOU not just the HAIR)

Special thanks and hats off to EDEN Bodyworks for putting together and facilitating such an amazing and inspirational event. It was such a treat to meet EDEN founder Jasmine Lawrence, who founded the company when she was just 13 years old and now (only 10 years later) she is also pursuing an engineering degree (!!!!!!!!!!)— #colormeimpressed.

The ladies of Los Angeles were wonderful guests and I loved connecting with them as well as seeing some familiar faces in the crowd.
Check out my full gallery of snaps here (and huge thanks to my Blog Assistant Hessie for making a lot of these shots and social media happen during the event! You rocked it! And her rod set was on point ;D)

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