Let’s Talk Hydration Retention: How Often Do Your Moisturize?

How to keep hair moisturized and hydrated is one of the most popular questions I am asked.  If there was one single, simple response to this popular inquiry, I’d give it to you right now.  But the fact is, it isn’t that simple and moisture retention is less of a tip or technique and more of a lifelong commitment. Personally, I find that with the right care methods, I can retain moisture for days on end, which is great. I’ve also heard from others that even when using some of the best moisturizers on the market, their hair remains dry and brittle. So before I share my moisture regimen, I want to hear about yours!

This week, the people have spoken: Americans have come out in record numbers to voice their choices and re-elected President Obama (!!!!!!!!!!!!). In the same spirit, I want to hear about YOU and YOUR moisture methods, challenges, and needs. Check out the short survey below and share with us your thoughts on this hot topic of MOISTURE!



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  1. Thank you for letting us do that super fun survey!

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