Natural From Within: getting right after a 30 pound gain

As y’all know, I live out of a suitcase almost as much as my bedroom.  Last year, when I started traveling a lot, I didn’t pay much attention to taking care of my body when I was away from home.  I became so wrapped up in the parties and dinners and happy hours and events that the thought of going to the gym didn’t even cross my mind.  I saw travel as a time to time to take a vacation from my personal habits and routines, prioritizing fries and martinis over treadmills and sit ups.

I was living it up on the road and enjoying every last calorie of it!!

That is, until the January 1st 2012 rolled around and I realized that I had gained 30 pounds.  Yes, that’s right THIRTY pounds.  It’s a bad sign when even your stretchy pants are feeling a bit snug and mine were giving me a nice little muffin top.  Things have to change, I thought to myself.

See that sweater barely making it over my belly?  Mmhm. 

At home, I started running (lemme tell you: I AM NOT A RUNNER!) and taking cardio pilates at this amazing studio called BURN.  Eventually a few pounds started slipping off, but when my trip to France for two weeks rolled around, I dived into that stinky cheese and foie gras with reckless abandon and gained it all back.

Over the summer, I came to realize that I wasn’t getting anywhere on my healthy journey because for about two weeks out of every month, I was letting that all go as I jetted around, soaking up beers, brunches and burgers without batting a lash.

The past couple months have been a literal exercise in practicing good habits as on the road.  A lot of it I’ve learned myself, but I’ve also sought out the advice of knowledgeable individuals (ranging from nutritionists to flight attendants to dear ones and friends) to help me not just get right’n’tight, but KEEP it that way. I’ll be sharing a lot of these gems  with you, because they’re not just helpful for travel on the road, but easy ways to impart a bit of healthy living in our day to day lives.  You can look forward to fitness regimens/routines, recipes, inspirations and more all geared towards making sure our bodies are as healthy and naturally thriving as the natural hair we’re always talking about.  This concept I’ve brought up before and I like to call: NATURAL FROM WITHIN.

My goal isn’t about getting skinny or fitting into a size 2, I’ve realized that my body type isn’t meant to do either of those things, but just because I’ve been blessed with curves doesn’t mean I have an excuse to not keep them in shape. For me, it’s about feeling confident, healthy, and happy and I have found that keeping a balanced lifestyle is an essential part of achieving that!  When I take good care of my WHOLE self, not just Lola, my skin is brighter, my mind is sharper and my smile is bigger; I am from curl to toe a better Cassidy.

I’ve honestly been meaning to share a lot of these thoughts and themes with you all for quite some time, but have been a bit shy in talking about my body, weight and wellness.  Recently I’ve been encouraged by many people, including other bloggers to share my stories and ideas and I’m really looking forward to sharing and experience this Natural From Within lifestyle journey with you!

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  1. i love this post! its so hard to be healthy on the road. im looking forward to your gems!

  2. So looking forward to this! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Definitely looking forward the the “Natural From Within” posts!!
    PS – do you have an updated regimen? Any new “must have” products in your rotation?

  4. I’m really looking forward to these posts! As a fellow curly traveler, weight gain is something that I have to keep a lid on especially when traveling to new and exotic places. I’ve recently joined a gym in my local area and I count calories on my phone with the My Fitness Pal app. I’d love to learn new tips on how to control my weight when traveling abroad. Can’t wait to hear more!

  5. Looking forward to your stories. I, too, want to get my “health on”.

  6. You know I’m in big support of taking care of yourself! Don’t let the Man tell you you’re not beautiful right NOW and continue to be sensible.

    Those travel meals are the ruin of our health. Ugh!

  7. Great post! I’ve been trying to go more on autopilot with the whole hair thing and to focus more on better food and exercise.

  8. I love that you’re sharing this! Congrats and good luck!

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