Highlights from the Adventure (so far…)

The adventure kicked off with a few days in Chicago for the CurlyNikki Motions Chicago Meet Up at Japonais Restaurant, which turned out to be one of the more fabulous events I’ve ever produced.  Almost 500 (!!!!!!!) Midwestern naturalistas showed up and we ate, snapped pictures, and enjoyed [those strong as heck] Motions Margaritas!  It was nice to be back in my neck of the woods and enjoy that Great Lake love!

With Michelle of NaturallyCurly

With Chuck the [awesome] photographer and Myleik of CurlBox

With Miss Samantha, one of my former volunteers who big chopped back in March!

Next up was NOLA, and since the only time I’ve gotten to spend there was sequestered in the Central Business District for Essence Music Festival,  I’m finally starting to get a chance to see a bit more of the beautifully historic city.  It was a quick trip, but I’ll be back there for a full 10 days after this stint in the Virgin Islands so I’ll get to see more.  Why so much time in The Big Easy you ask?  Oh, my boo lives there ;)  Maybe I’ll introduce him next time around and you can get in on our fun and romping around town!



But now…I am currently sitting pretty in the tropical wonderland called the US Virgin Islands.  This is my second time back here and it’s so nice to be once again among familiar places and faces.  Yesterday, Felicia Leatherwood and I spent the day sitting on the beach of the magical Magen’s Bay before filling our bellies with fresh conch, salmon and shrimp.  Then I slept for 10 hours because the travel really took it out of me.


Now it’s morning and I’m sitting on this glorious balcony overlooking the bay in St. Thomas.  I keep getting interrupted as I write this post because THERE IS A LIZARD on the BALCONY.  And at first I was like, “okay, lil dude…I don’t bother you, you don’t bother me!” But then homeboy started bumrushing my toes and I had to scoop my computer and cameras and scoot inside!! Felicia came back out with a Swiffer to drive him away, but now he’s back!  The guy is no more than 5″ long (which is nothing compared to the massive 4′ iguanas all over the place here), but I DO NOT like how aggressive he is.  I don’t know if he’ll bite, but there’s no need to find out the hard way, right!?



Today is the St. Thomas I AM BEAUTIFUL event and I’m really excited for it because it promises to be even bigger and better than last year’s.  In addition to Felicia, I’m also down here with Kim Coles, CharyJay, Dr. Kari, and BlackOnyx!! I’ll be snapping tons of pix and videos so stay tuned for more from the USVI!



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  1. ahhhh fun times!! yall look GOOD in them bathin suits honey!! EEEK!!! have fun ooooh and “the boo” **snaps** ah-riiiiiight :)

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