Brown Girl Bliss: recap + gallery

ANOTHER EVENT FOR THE BOOKS!  Brown Girl Bliss was this past Saturday and absolutely knocked all of my (and perhaps all of OUR) expectations out of the park.  I’ve hosted and attended many events in my day, but none of them have been as inspiring and fulfilling as Brown Girl Bliss.  I mean, this one had it all: FASHION! FOOD! YOGA! SEX! DANCE! Basically everything I love in the world.

Highlights include:

  • Kicking things off in the morning with an amazingly invigorating yoga practice with Heather of BodaBodaYoga.  As I said once we finished “seeing a bunch of chocolate faces in Warrior II is a rare sight to behold, but truly warmed my heart.”
  • The HONEY HUMMUS!  Holy crap, the Apothocurious-catered lunch was nutritious AND delicious!
  • Learning tips and techniques from Diana Rodriguez of Balanced + Beautiful about how to maintain a balanced eating regimen.  One of the tricks I’ve already even used!!  Try it yourself: rather than topping pasta with sauce, use pasta like “croutons” to top the sauce.  This will keep your meal veggie-heavy and gluten/wheat-light!
  • Having Nenna Joiner of FeelMore510 create an honest and open dialogue about everyone’s favorite, but not openly discussed subject: SEX!  It was a no-holds-barred conversation in a safe space where people were asking, sharing and learning.  This discussion definitely made me realize that as black women we need more sex-positive conversation that isn’t just about AIDS, prostitution, rape and other unsavory matters.
  • Learning from Jennifer, a rep from Rodan+Fields, that sulfur is used as an acne treatment!  Sulfur is always popping up in hair and skincare products, which makes me want to know more about it!
  • Felicia Leatherwood, not just dropping her unparalleled knowledge about natural hair during her presentation, but being one of the most engaging attendees throughout the entire event!  From Downward Dog onward, Felicia was one blissed out Brown Girl!
  • SWEATING. IT. OUT. for Hipline’s Shimmy Pop class!  When was the last time you were at an event that had you drop it like it was hot during 45 straight minutes of cardio.  And by “sweating” I mean “glossing”…because Hipline girls don’t sweat, they get glossy.  Obvi.
  • Ooh’ing and aah’ing over the fashion spectacular presented by Sway Boutique, EVarize and Amber Aaron.  Can you say serious sartorial savvy?
  • Nibbling on Nothing Bundt Cakes and sipping on champagne while listening to Stephen Satterfield share his epicurean prowess and answering some need-to-know information on vino and vittles.

All in all, it was an exhilarating and exhausting 8 hours (I mean, did I mention that 45 minutes of dance cardio!?)—-but I loved every second of it.  Everyone that was in attendance was raving about the experience, stating that we MUST do it again.  Stay tuned for a survey coming soon because if we do it again, we want to hear from you about what you liked and didn’t like. Even if you didn’t attend and even if you don’t live in the Bay Area— we will want to hear from you!


Now, without further ado—- the BGBG (Brown Girl Bliss Gallery):

Special thanks to my co-organizer Heather for her tireless effort in pulling this off!  Brown Girls everywhere are about to owe a lot to you! ;)

To those that attended—my we had fun didn’t we??!  Thanks for coming and supporting this event and bringing your infectious energy and smiles.  You made it the special experience that it was!

To those that couldn’t make it— you were missed!  But hopefully you won’t miss the next one :)

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  1. Hey! Can you please tell me how I can purchase the blue and orange Africana and the green Africana (the one that’s short in the front and long in the back) dresses? Thank you!

  2. I would love to see an event like this on the East Coast

  3. This looks SO great Cassidy! Congratulations on a fabulous event! To many more…

  4. I had the best time. This was something that every woman should take time out for her spirit, soul and well being. Excited about the next one. Thanks a billion for this much needed day of fun and relaxation.

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