Curl Confession #2: I love me those beachy waves

I’ve been digging the new Paul Mitchell CURL line since it’s release this past summer and like any good naturalista would do, I went for the Twirl Around, a heavy cream-gel that swirls itself around in a snazzy container, ignoring the other styling product in the bunch called Ultimate Wave. Ultimate Wave had the word “Beachy” on the bottle and thinking of the long, wavy hair I’ve been seeing all over the likes of Refinery29 and Elle I didn’t think that this product was for me and my coils.

Curiosity killed the cat prompting me to finally give the Ultimate Wave a whirl and turns out that I FREAKIN LOVE IT! Talk about a dark horse, but this product gives me the hold and the moisture that my curls love. I get super haute spirals from this stuff and each time I put it on, I gleefully think of how I’m rocking beachy coils.

Beachy Coils! La La La La La!

Check out my video of me showing off my beachy coils:


So there you have it, turns out my curl confession is just a lesson I learned long ago in my natural hair journey: sometimes you just gotta try out things that you might not think will work for you in order to find the gems. Leave a #curlconfession of your own on the Paul Mitchell Page!

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  1. WoW! Your curls look awesome with this product…:-)

    It always seems to be the products we least expect to work in our hair that turn out to work the best…LoL

  2. Your curls/coils are amazing… They are almost poodle like… I can’t imagine my hair ever doing that… God bless! and love your cuts!

  3. The funky button earrings- pow!

  4. And of course your hair is like wow- haute!LOL

  5. Wow! See I was going to use the Twist Around first – pretty much due to the word ‘beachy’ as well – I have both products- but your coils look wonderful! Beachy Waves here I come. Thanks for sharing :o)

  6. Oooh, I love all of the coils. I gotta try it. Love the cut and the color.

  7. do you “noodle” your product in your hair now? or are you using the same method for shingling as in your previous vids?

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