Who Has 2 Thumbs and a New Haircut?? this girl.

Yea yea yea, I’ve gone and gotten adventurous with my hair again! It all started a couple days ago, when I swung through the Hair Rules salon in NYC to say hello to my old pal Dickey, the co-owner and founder of the company. Dickey did a quick styling of my curls as he was finishing up, he said to me… “I’d like to cut your hair. What are you doing on Thursday?”

Up until that point, I was seriously considering growing Lola right on out. I’ve had some “big hair don’t care” cravings and the long side had gotten pretty long (below my shoulders when stretched). But if you’ve been reading this blog, you know that once an adventurous style idea gets planted in my head, there’s really no turning back. So I hemmed and hawed and made a video talking about how I was conflicted on whether I should grow or chop my coils. The style has really evolved over the past few months, but I’ve known it’s been time to take it a new direction.



But let’s be realistic, there was really no turning back once Dickey had made up his mind that my hair would be cut. I just decided to stop resisting fate. Besides, as a commenter to my video pointed out, it’s not everyday that you can get your haircut by Dickey. (After he did the quick styling of my curls he left and went to style Solange for the Obama Fundraiser! Cool stuff!)

My salon at home in San Francisco, Madusalon, uses the Deva cutting technique, which is a dry cutting method where your hair is cut curly. Hair Rules also cuts on dry hair, but the curls are blown straight as a way of really seeing what was going on on the ends. I was definitely curious to see how the two techniques compared as both have their champions.

I haven’t had my curls blown straight since last year’s incident at the Dominican salon (and some of my pieces are STILL showing heat damage from that), so it was awesome to see what my hair looked like when blown straight. I must say that I absolutely loved seeing my highlights on this texture!

The actual cut was pretty amazing to watch as Dickey swooped and angled and sliced with swift precision. There were a few moments where my heart lept as I watched 7″ of hair fall to the floor in some sections. Once the final cut was done I couldn’t even tell because my hair was straight so I was whisked to the washbowl to revive my curls before I could see how it turned out!

Stay tuned for part two and the final look!

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  1. Exciting!!!!!

  2. That’s just wrong, to keep us in suspense like this ;)

  3. Not that’s what I’m taling about Suspence and Swift decisions! Can’t wait for part 2!!!!!

  4. Oh come on! This is just not right!

  5. OOOOOOhhhhhh suspense !
    I was scrolling down like where is it?
    where is the hair cut?

  6. I guess I’ll have to see it on Sunday :-)

  7. **biting nails** im on the edge of my seat stalkin for part 2…EEEK!!

  8. I am very interested in how that asymmetrical style will turn out! So far beautiful!

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