“the reason black women have hair problems…..

…is because they don’t love their hair.”

Think about it.

I heard this powerful quote from a presentation by Dr. Phoenix at NINAF last weekend and have been pondering it since. Weaves, wigs, relaxers, missing edges, breakage…are these all caused by a lack of self love? Share your thoughts in the comments.

I also had a great conversation with her on ayurvedic regimens for natural hair and hair loss– check out the interview!

Please post in the comments your thoughts on “the reason black women have hair problems is because they don’t love their hair”.

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  1. Agreed! Love yourself, love your hair. Stop waiting for a commercial to tell you to.

  2. I love cutting my hair each season!!! I love you too!!!

  3. I agree with Dr. Phoenix. I started wearing locs six years ago, and started loving them the same day. I have not had hair “problems” since then.

  4. I feel like many Black women are taught from the start that their hair is not okay as it is. I got the message early on that my hair was nice enough, but when I got it greased and pressed to unnatural straightness, then spiral curled down my back, people lost their minds! Hence, the illusion of “good” hair. To find out that it was “good” all along? Priceless!

  5. Yes, I agree. We have to accept ourselves and others. We should to celebrate the uniqueness of our hair. Many people fail to accept who they are. Until we do, many black women will lose their hair.

    Our girls must be taught at a young age that they are beautiful. If it starts at home and reinforced by those who love and care for them, we will begin to see less women opting for relaxers and weaves. Our boys have to also be taught that all hair is beautiful.

    I ask that we all begin to compliment girls and women when they wear their natural hair. If they begin to speak ill of their hair, let them know you love their hair just the way it is. You never know the impact you may have on them.

  6. I agree with all of the comments above. Unfortunately we are our own worst ennemies because we lack confidence in our beauty. We have to also praise all hair textures. Our beauty is in our diversity!

  7. I agree with what was said but I also think it is lack of education. Most of us don’t know what the chemicals are doing to our hair or what works for our hair and what doesn’t.

  8. Hello! My name is patricia. I have been natural for a year now. And i am loving it. My hair is growing. No more shredding of the hair,bald spots. I will jever go back to chemical agai. Thanks for the information.

  9. Amena BelledeSoleil

    I have to wholeheartedly agree with Dr. Phoenix. People who love themselves generally don’t things that aren’t in the best interest of their health-hair styling included. There is also an ignorance component at work but it is much less significant than the lack of love and appreciation for ones au natural self and having the courage to step out there, try it, learn about how to care for it and make it look damn better than any unhealthy, denatured version of ones hair ever could.

    Cheers to our hair!
    -Ms. Amena
    Fb/instagram: Torrid Tresses by Ms. Amena

  10. right…we grow up being told to change. children are smart and they (we) understand(stood) that Black hair = bad hair. i was blessed to have a mother who stunchly advocated for me to keep my natural naps. eventually society convinced me otherwise. i gave in by middle school. i think my sisters (whether pressed, permed, or natural) can agree that hating our hair is more nature than nurture.

  11. Naturalhairluver

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