My CurlConfession #1: sometimes I’m naughty at night…shhhhh….

I’m crawling into bed after a long day of travel and a long week of fun in Austin. I’m exhausted and totally not in the swing of any of my routines. I haven’t been running. I haven’t been cooking. I’ve just been eating lots of tacos, enjoying cervezas and having fun in the sun without a care in the world! Including my hair.

There are sometimes when I just can’t quite get it together enough to go through my nighttime routine for my hair. I know I always say it’s the absolute backbone of my haircare regimen and that’s because it is. But there’s definitely a few occasions where I break the cardinal rule of natural hairdom and go capless and satin-free while I catch my Z’s. Lola always pays for it in the morning, but I guess I’ll never quite learn that lesson!

Do you ever go without a sleepcap or twisting or a satin case at night? How does your hair fare??

Have a #curlconfession of your own? Submit yours over at and participate in an awesome new Paul Mitchell campaign that’s celebrating The Truth About Curls and their new products just for CURLS. I’m a big fan of the new line so stay tuned for a review coming up soon!!

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  1. YES! Retwisting at night is NOT the business sometimes! This is my biggest pet peeve of natural hair and sometimes I get stressed out. Having a busy schedule with work or school, who has time to retwist?? Enter protective styling to the rescue. But that can be expensive. On a positive note, I am starting to pineapple my hair at night when I don’t feel like retwisting ONLY if my twist out is looking good. If it’s not looking good, I am forced to at least retwist the front of my hair. I gotta give it to you Cassie for rocking the wash n’ go’s, you’re a champ!! My hair would be a complete mess. LOL.

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