This Pissed Me Off. And They Made Me Really Happy.

Welp, just when we thought we were going to stop seeing black hair in the headlines, Hampton University MBA program has banned locs. Stating that the locs were a hindrance to securing a corporate job, Dean Sid Credle made a decision that the business school would no longer allow students with locs to enroll in their programs.

I’m a firm believer that in order to break down these stereotypes and preconceptions about what is acceptable and what isn’t, we must make our own definition of what is acceptable rather than letting us be told what is acceptable for our own hair. Just as flight attendants are no longer told what they should weight, corporations should no longer dictate that a person’s natural hair is not suitable for the workplace. In my eyes, kept hair is kept hair is kept hair–no matter what the texture.

It’s truly unfortunate that this is coming from a historically black university, an institution that should be on the front lines of promoting equality in the work place. Instead this rule clearly upholds and supports the concept that black men should be treated differently.

Le sigh. Two steps forward. One step back. Get it together Hampton.

Now onto happier things, DON’T STYLISH NATURAL KIDS JUST MAKE YA SMILE!!!????

I was sent a picture of this little chica from my special set of eyes and ears in New Orleans.

Once I saw her, I gasped because not only is she the cutest little thing, but I’m pretty sure I own that exact outfit. In fact, I just remembered this post, so I’m positive I do.

Then there’s this little dude who is Senor So Fly. I dig his style. Nuf said.

On that note, happy weekend, y’all!!!

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  1. To be honest I am not surprised about Hampton, they were one of the schools that did the “paper bag test”. You know…if you were darker than a paper bag, you couldn’t attend.

  2. Its sickening that they think it is up to them to determine what is acceptable and what isn’t. Why does it matter how someone decides to style their hair as long as it is neat and not outrageous.

  3. I’m not surprised b/c black people are way more paranoid about what the white people think of their looks then we admit. My attitude is is that straight hair isn’t going to fool anyone into thinking I’m white, so if you do have a problem with it, I will happily tell you that if you want to make straight hair mandatory, then you probably need to not hire black people. And I’ll see how they want to proceed.
    So I have huge natural hair as do many of my friends, and we are professors, lawyers, doctors, MBAs, etc, and work in environments where black faces are few and far between. We get hired b/c we are very good at what we do. We do not have problems getting jobs, keeping jobs, getting promoted, or just functioning because of our hair.
    While the internalized racism that makes many black people think that their skin, hair, and bodies are somehow inferior does start with white racism, the fear that somehow you need to fit in by having straight hair is frequently promoted by black people…and yet, by people who have probably never TRIED having natural hair at work. I would predict (and this actually did happen to one of my friends who had natural hair while working in an investment bank, and yes, the white people hired her with unstraightened hair), that if you are get pulled aside and told that your hair isn’t right, it’s probably going to come from an older black female. And if that happens, tell that person that Ursula Burns says hi.
    I grew up in an all-white environment and my hair was not processed and it just wasn’t a big deal. I got interviewed. I mean, first and foremost, I’m black, unmistakably black, so that isn’t fooling anyone.
    Sometimes(not always) all you have to do to be accepted is to accept yourself,
    And having gone to many the MBA conference, I can tell you that you see many natural women and loc’ed men who are representing the Fortune 500 companies. They have jobs, and they have jobs many people with short or processed hair would covet. And the top MBA programs would not do that, b/c you know, at the end of the day, you should be your authentic self as far as your hair is concerned (I’m sorry, but wear your suit and all that when required). It is the only way to know if it is a problem. And the only way to shift attitudes if people aren’t used to it. B/c a lot of times it isn’t the issue we think it is.
    Many people assume their hair is the problem when it isn’t. They assume people are looking at them funny b/c of their hair when they aren’t. And it does not surprise me at all that a bunch of old black people believe that and go as far as to make it a policy. If someone interviews with locs and doesn’t get the job and finds out the locs are a problem, he can decide it then. But they don’t need to make it a rule.
    I will say though that I think that men are advised to go easy on the facial hair, which is funny b/c that is something that goes in and out of style…too bad, b/c some men look SO much better with a little goatee.

  4. When I scrolled down I saw this young man and thought isn’t he handsome and really attractive. I would hire him as a person who knows himself and could hold his own in the workplace. We talk about diversity and then set up a perceived standard of what some one should look like. Life is like a pie and its great when it slices come with different flavors and textures.

  5. Oh, can I see that the little man in the sunglasses is too cute! I think you should set him up with your mini-me…(seriously, who is that little girl b/c I feel like she should be yours!)
    Did she notice you were her hair twin too? I swear I think a dad who had a little daughter with an afro pointed me out to her…

  6. While I don’t necessarily agree with Hampton’s policy. I think we also have to acknowledge that longer hair on men is still frowned upon in many circles, irrespective of race. So I suppose that barrier has to be broken down as well, because one could just as easily have short but unkempt hair.

  7. OMG before reading I thought the pic was of you as a child! They both are too cute and stylish! I’m not gonna start on the other topic it really pissed me off too when I heard it on the radio earlier this wee. Really? In 2012? SMH

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