Big Foot Files: Stretching Shoes to Wide Width….in the oven??!

Typically the way my shoe shopping goes is that I either strike out when sizes don’t go above a 10 or when they do, they’re too narrow to fit my wide foot. I used to made myself suffer, by trying to squeeze my foot in too-narrow shoes which always results in this awful podiatric muffin top.  It’s wildly unattractive.

If I’m lucky shoes can be professionally stretched to fit, but that’s generally not the case so I’m usually S.O.L.  That is, until I heard about an at-home stretching method to make shoes wider! The famed shoe expert, Megan Cleary, suggested that to stretch shoes made out of man made materials all you had to do was pop ’em in the oven for half an hour at 200 degrees! Whatta tip! This could be a lifechanger for me and my 11W’s!! I didn’t have any ill fitting shoes at the time, but I set on a quest to find them.

The answer came in a pair of fun, summery platforms from Target that I nabbed for about 25 buckaroos.

The were cute, so I wanted to wear them.
They were made of man-made materias, so I could experiment on them.
They were cheap, so I wouldn’t feel bad about ruining them.

And most importantly, they gave me that icky muffin topped foot.  Game on.


So one Sunday morning when my roommates were gone and I was feeling particularly brazen about potentially burning down the house, I heated the oven to 200 degrees and slid the shoes right on in.


I would say that I waited patiently for 30 minutes until they were done baking, but let’s be real–they’re shoes!  They’re never done baking because they shouldn’t be baking in the first place!  I kept checking on them every 3 minutes making sure there was no rubber melting or buckles bursting into flames.  Finally after a grueling half hour, I put the shoes on my feet and wore them until they were cool.  I would have walked around in them more, but the rubber of the platforms had become so soft that it felt like I was walking on a moon bounce so I stayed put, not chancing turning my platforms into flatforms. Then I kept wearing them and we were strutted around town and lived happily ever after.  The end.

Ha.  I wish.

You’re probably wondering if this whole adventure in shoe stretching actually worked.  One word: nope! But it sure is a fun story to tell, isn’t it! Oh the things I do for my feetsies.  The quest for cute and affordable wide widths continues…tally ho!


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  1. OMG I go thru the same thing, my feet is 11W, but maybe it should be wider. I was hoping that would work. I def was going to copy.

  2. I enjoyed the story ;)

  3. hahahah! OMG! I feel your pain.
    I also heard that if you put them in the freezer with bags of water in them, as the water expands as it freezes it will stretch your shoes. Never tried it yet!
    Maybe you can!

  4. I’m an 11 also where do you shoe shop for dressy shoes?

  5. I totally understand your pain…i am a,size 10 and have wide,and flat feet! But I do have a,pair of sandals,that are a,size 11 that I think you would love! Let me know… I only wore them once

  6. I wear a size 9 and a half to 10 narrow which I never can find 9 and a half so I always go with 10. Sometimes they’re to wide. Funny how that it is!

  7. LMAOOOO!!! i was reading the story like ooooh whats the end results (even though im an 8 1/2 lol) but on the real, there’s actually a shoemaker at the end of the rainbow who can widen them. u just gotta hop on one foot balancing a midget on ur head hahaha!!

  8. I thought she knew something I didn’t. Have u guys heard of theshoe stretching technique where you put a ziplock bag of water into the toe of your shoe and put the whole thing in the freezer overnight?? Haven’t tried it because I don’t want what’s on the bottom of my shoe in my freezer next to the otter pops.

  9. I have heard of people using blow dryers too. I have big feet and I hate that it’s hard to find shoes. But it’s nice to know there is an alternative.

  10. Awe I was so hoping this irked. Lol

  11. This was great fun to read. Wish it had worked. My quest continues, too.

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