The Week in ‘Gram: A Sunny San Francisco

It’s no secret that I am an A-V-I-D Instagrammer.  It’s such a novel way of capturing moments, feeling, flavors and stories throughout the day.  Rather than reading statuses, tweets or even texts, I love seeing how my friends convey their state of being with a simple picture.

In addition it’s a great archive to look back on.  As a person who is always a-traveling, it’s nice to see my photos so distinctly represent a PLACE.

Case in point:


This past week happens to be my first FULL week back home this entire summer and I’ve settled right on into my San Francisco life.  With bike rides over the hills of the Presidio, lakeside birthday parties and my homemade breakfasts of poached eggs with fresh veggies from my local farmers market, it’s good to be home sweet home and savoring the delights of the season.  After being treated to a nice and thorough detangling with that awesome brush and not just one, but TWO deep conditionings this week, Lola’s also enjoying a bit of at-home pampering.

Looking back on these snaps, there’s obviously a bit of revisionist history going on here as well, because San Francisco is not at ALL known for its warmth in the summer.  In fact, August is best known as FOGUST, when the wind and mist and fog whip through the city and beneath the jackets, scarves, sweaters and boots we don year round.  Those kids in the sun?  That’s definitely in the East Bay.  Some say Philadelphia, but we of the Bay Area know it’s always sunny in the East Bay.

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  1. Looks like something my curls would appreciate…what brush is that?

  2. Love the shot of your corkscrews!

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