Never Have I Been More Excited. Ever.

For months I have been waiting for this.  I have sent emails.  I have tweeted.  I have commented all over YouTube.  Finally–FINALLY– my dreams are coming true.

FLYNT FLO$$Y, YUNG HUMMA and the REST OF THE TURQUOISE JEEP CREW ARE COMING TO SAN FRANCISCO!!!!!  Yes, that’s right, the guys behind the hit jams “Lemme Smang It“, “Did I Mention I Like to Dance” and “Sex Syrup” are finally coming to The Bay!  I emitted a shriek of glee when I saw their names on the calendar for The Independent on August 27th.

Not only am I going to be there, but I actually get to sit down with my favorite musical sensations and interview them!!!  I have soooo many questions to ask! So many things to chat about! But really what I’m grappling with is whether or not to wear my Yung Humma costume that I rocked during Halloween last year (that also gained us a feature in the TJR Halloween Fan Tribute).  Let’s be real, it was one of my finer moments.


For those of you who are unfamiliar with the gloriousness that is TJR, you’re missing out, so I suggest checking out this post and listening to a few tracks.  #WORTHIT

Now in anticipation of this awesomeness, the guys from TJR have released a SUPER SPECIAL TRACK called “Gotta Go to Cali” in anticipation of their trip out to the Best Coast.


Also check out their new dance jam “Put Your Hands on It”— The virtual reality! Whachamacalit’s JT-like flow! The thumpin groove!

Seeing as I am a serrrrrious fan, I obviously have a Flynt Flo$$y t-shirt! Want to win one of your very own TJR shirts!? Bet you do!!! Leave a comment below and I’ll pick a winner at random on the day of the concert. Make sure to get your ticket! I’ll be seeing ya there!

Happy Friday Y’all!!!

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  1. ok, I’m over here hoping(in vain no doubt) for a Go Grab My Belt remix..but meanwhile I’ll enter yr t-shirt contest. LOLZ. …Who needs Prince anymore when there’s Slick ?

    BTW, Your Yung Humma costume was epic!! ^.^

  2. You know you had me on YouTube a while ago to see what made you so happy! LOVED IT! ;-)

    I can’t wait for your interview; it will be PRICELESS!!! ENJOY!

  3. Oh my, I looove Turquoise Jeep! lmaoo

    I’m looking forward to your interview and hopefully winning a shirt lol

    Have fun!

  4. Yeah, I remember that costume–on point…I won’t be able to attend the concert, but would love to win the T-shirt! Have fun.

  5. Never heard of these fellas, but I’m always eager to expand my playlists. I just watched two of the mentioned videos and I am in TEARS! Lmbo! Thanks Cass, I needed a good laugh.

  6. I had never heard of TJR but after listening to them I’m hooked!! Are we going to turn this into an impromptu meetup? I’m buying my ticket and heading your way from Sacramento!

  7. TicKets PurchaSed… smang it! But Why I gotta wait? Till next Monday? I get that T or what?

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