SuhWEET! Janelle Monae is the new face of Cover Girl

Well THIS is an awesome turn for the day! I’ve been a big fan of Janelle ever since she came onto the scene and love her style and creativity. Seem’s like just yesterday I was watching her braid fall at a street festival in San Francisco and now she’s all growed up and a COVERGIRL! She’s got such a strong signature look, so I really can’t wait to see what the editorial stuff looks like when it comes out! I’m already loving the bold red lip she’s rocking in those videos!

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  1. how awesome is this!! I’m a HUGE fan of Janelle Monae and she looks stunning in this! How perfect are her teeth and smile LOL

  2. Love Love LOVE! Janel M. Absolutely one of da Top Ten Best Live Performance I’ve ever seen. Addicted to her pandora Chanel. She’s also one my hair muse’s. No one rocks a Pompadour updo like Ms. Janelle M

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