Juicy Leave In Conditioner Review + GIVEAWAY! YAY!

If you know me and you know my Lola, you will know that I am not a big fan of shea butter typically. I even said as much when Padrica of Naturalista Cosmetics offered to send me the Juicy Leave In, which has shea butter at the top of the ingredients list, and I requested to review a different product. Her reply? “I’m going to send you the Juicy Leave In because it’s really unique and most who hate butters in their hair end up loving this product because it is that different!”

Well, turns out, it really IS that different. The product has a thick consistency, just like shea butter, but is enriched with oils and all-natural conditioners. Because this product was simply a leave in, I used a bit of gel on top to define my curls and give them some hold. Check out this video where I test and review the product so you can see the finished results.

The final verdict was that I really was loving the EXTREME softness and moisture provided by this product. Frankly, I was a bit shocked to like a shea-based product so much. Even more shocking was how nice my hair has been for days since! SO shocking that I had to film another follow up:

I’ve never hair my hair feel so soft without additional application of product! It’s really something else! I would really like to try this product on a two-strand twists or braids. I can see how this would have amazing results with those techniques!

I really want you guys to have the opportunity to try it out yourselves, so I’m giving away a JUICY SYSTEM GIFT SET to one lucky winner! All you have to do is enter your information in the fields below. One winner will be chosen at random next week, so make sure to enter!

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  1. Please enter Tracy in the Juicy System giveaway. Thanks!

  2. i would love to win!

  3. Please enter me in the Juicy System giveaway – I am at my wits end trying to deal with my hair in this british weather. Please rescue me from the HAT!

  4. Just the name of it makes me think about moisture! lol This is definitely a good product if it can hold moisture for days!

  5. I am in LOVE with your product!! I use it on my hair as well as my 7 year old! Your product has convinced my 15 year old daughter to go natural! It leaves your hair soft as cotton! Thanks again for such a wonderful thing! Your True # 1 fan!!!

  6. I would definitely LOVE to win this giveaway!!

  7. I would love to win this product. After seeing NaturalSelectionBlog youtube video. I really want to try this product. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

  8. This leave in sounds amazing!!

  9. I only want to try this because of your review; I too do not like shea butter simply because it just does not work for me, in my hair or on my skin (neither does castor oil). So yeah, I would like to win this just to see if its the brand of shea butter that I tried or if I really can’t use it.
    Be Blessed!

  10. Please enter me!

  11. Is your hair naturally curly like that?
    How do you get it like that? I’m so in love with the hair and the color..!!!

  12. Enter me to win this Juicy Leave In Conditioner, I am transitioning and control the hair and styling is frastrating, i need it help me manage my and moisturize my hair

  13. Christina Nortey

    Juicy=moisture! I would love try this product, to be able to win it is a bonus!!!!

  14. Would love to try , sounds wonderful

  15. I entered the giveaway! I would love to try this. I am 3 weeks newly natural, so I don’t even have to go into how confusing it is in this unchartered territory. This product sounds like a dream in helping with the post-big chop dryness.

  16. I just entered the giveaway. I love your hair and your review was great. My hair is always so dry and I would love to find a product that would keep my hair moisturized. Your review sounds like this product would do that and more. I would love to try this product. I hope I win!

  17. I also entered for the give-away!!! hope i win

  18. Fingers crossed!!!! So hope I win. P.S Thanks for the opportunity!!

  19. I just entered 2x’s for the free giveaway after seeing your review. Hope I win. I actually ordered this product almost 3 weeks ago & I’m still waiting to receive my order. I am less than 1 month newly natural & on the hunt for new products to help with my natural hair journey.

  20. please enter me into the contest.

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