Sonia’s Curls Score a 10.0!

At the Set It Free event in Minneapolis a couple weeks ago, one of the hair models had one of the most amazing set of curls I’ve ever seen in my life—I would even say they’re gold medal worthy!

For those naturalistas who are on a journey to LONG HAIR DON’T CARE she is totally a hair idol so I sat her down to chat with her so she could share with us all her routine and regimen.

Even if, like me, you’re not on a journey of growth you have to admit that she has totally crush worthy curls! I will say I was absolutely impressed that she only trims about once a year. Even though her hair appears to be in great condition, I am still a strong supporter of clipping ends to keep ’em healthy every 8-12 weeks.

Even gorgeous in a pony puff!

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  1. Thank you for posting this! I too fell in LOVE with Sonia’s curls at the Set It Free Event! She is definitely one of my hair crushes!

  2. She definitely has beautiful curls!

  3. gooorgeous!! i only trim my hair bout once a year too! if ur already takin good care of ur curls and protecting the ends u dnt need to trim as often however…im not on a journey to grow cuz i BC at least once a year lol. long hair-i really-dont care hahaha!!

  4. Omg! I love the curls on this hair…. does sonja do consults? (lol) I would love to hear more details of her hair journey.

  5. Look at my beastie ! I always have loved her hair! Now she’s a local celebrity…i’m so proud! You lookin good boo.

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