Natural Hair Dolls for the Kiddos

Back home in Minnesota last week, I decided to check in with my sister Skya about the dolls with natural hair landscape. Awhile back, I wrote an Open Letter to American Girl about their complete lack of options for dolls with naturally curly or coily hair. Skya brought this to my attention because as a gal with locs she’s particularly bummed that there aren’t more dolls that look like her. Fast forward to now, and it look’s like she’s gotten a little bit closer!

In the video, Skya mentions that American girl now has a doll with hair more like mine so I decided to go take a peek and this is the one to which she was referring:

While I wouldn’t say it’s my texture, it certainly is a lot closer than two years ago when this was the curliest offering on their site:

Looks like they’re coming around slowly but surely. At this rate in 2014 we’ll be seeing some Lola-esque curls and locs yonder!!

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  1. While this progress is all well and good, what is available for kids with natural hair who can’t afford a 100 dollar doll? A cursory google search was disappointing to say the least.

  2. I still can’t believe in 20112 one can’t find a kinky curly headed doll. It’s insulting!!! They should be everywhere and in every color! I guess it’s progress although the price is a little over the top.

  3. Who needs to buy a natural hair doll? Check out this awesome post on giving barbie a natural hair makeover!

  4. You can find brown-skinned, kinky-haired dolls at the dollar store. I found a cute one at a Dollar General a couple years back. They may not be name brand (ie. Barbie) but it’s certainly one that’s fits the budget…Hey, don’t sleep on the dollar store!

  5. We have 4 AG dolls, all in varying shades of brown and kinkyness of hai rand the Karito Kid Lulu. I also live in Mpls and have had no problem finding dolls that look like my daughter (med brown, 4A hair) for the last five years and at various price – points. I found Karito kids at Tuesday Morning for $50 and some great Correlle brand babies at Creative Kidstuff from $15 – 60.

    I don’t think you will ever see a lot of loced doll because how would the girls be able to comb the hair? I realize that the locs can still be styled but styling comes later when the girls are older, like 9 or 10 and most dolls are purchased for younger girls that just want to comb and brush out the hair at first.

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