Set It Free: Wild Success for Twin Cities Curlies! Event Wrap Up + Gallery

Last night, Natural Selection partnered with East 42nd Street Salon to host “Set It Free” a Deva-sponsored event brining together wavies, s’wavies, botecellis and fractals (thats ALL curl patterns for the non-Deva speakers out there) for an evening of curly wining, dining, and whole lots of styling.

Curlies were welcomed by a both a wine bar (self-explanatory) and a Curl Bar where the expert Deva-trained stylists did one-on-one consultations with attendees. There at the Curl Bar the stylists would analyze each unique curl pattern and recommend customized styling techniques and products for each person.

Following the Curl Bar happy hour, we all moved over to the main event space where we enjoyed a catered dinner by LaChaya Bistro and after a welcome by the Salon Manager, Jaclyn, I provided a quick overview of everything that is NaturalSelection and my personal hairstory. Then we all enjoyed a runway show where attendees with all curl types modeled first and second day hair, showing that it is possible to not only style great curls, but maintain them for days as well. Shout out to my cousin Charise who not only modeled in the show, but did her Big Chop two days ago to be in the show! (it looks awesome and we’ll have a fuller post on her experience soon!) Following the runway show, attendees purchased products and enjoyed the Curl Bar consultations once again while enjoying the soulful musical stylings of Ashley Dubose.

After doing events all over the country, it was truly a pleasure to be able to enjoy the curly community in a place called home. Knowing the Twin Cities, it was so special that people came from all over (some VERY far away), from all walks of life, with all curl patterns to enjoy, experience, and learn from this event. Thanks again to all those who came and I really look forward to doing it again.

I’ll have a full gallery up next week, but for now, here are a few select snaps!

Huge shout outs to Jaclyn and the E42 Stylists for hosting us and providing such a wonderfully educational experience, Meg from Deva for traveling from NYC to join us, and LaChaya, B.Resale, + Ashely Dubose for adding the ambiance, flavor, and style to make this a truly memorable event. Also thanks to the family parts: Mom–for coming out and supporting and even allowing your hair to be curled. Nana– for always getting in the mix and being there for your grandkid. Rica–for hair modeling and BIG CHOPPING! WOO!!

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  1. The ladies of Kinky and Curly in the Twin Cities had a blast at the Set It Free event. It was great seeing every possible curl pattern under one roof. Curlies of the world unite…all others prepare for curly dominance ;)

  2. Thanks again for showing your love to the curlies that live in the Twin Cities and putting on such a wonderful event. I really had a fantabulous time. It was wonderful to see so many different curls throughout the evening. I’ve been natural 15 months and I’m loving it. I am loving my hair more each and every day. I am also understanding my hair is not like the next gal and it makes me, Me! Keep, keeping on! You continue to inspire me and I thank you for that. God bless you and miss Lola! Hugs

  3. Ah – Meg ! I’ve been to the Devachan in White Plains and she did my hair !
    She’s amazing – she’s actually the only person there that I will let deep condition and trim my hair now.

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