Lola’s Honeyed Hair Color (Lots of Pics!)

It’s been a minute since I had my hair colored.  Over three months to be more precise.  I’ve loved how the color has evolved and grown out, giving me this cool looking ombre shadow on the shorter side of my hair, but when my hair was pulled into the updo for the wedding a couple weeks ago, I was kind of horrified by how distinct my roots were! I’ve heard of some people needing to color their hair every month, so I will certainly take the 3 months, but this week I finally hightailed it back to Marie’s chair for a touch up of my color.  Before coloring I did a seriously deep deep treatment to make sure my hair was as nourished and hydrated as possible.

See when my hair is normal, all looks good and I've got a cool shadow effect on the side, but....

Holy roots!

Marie began by applying an all over color just to the roots. My hair is not bleached, but is lightened using a high lift developer. This stuff is intense and tingles as soon as it hit my scalp. It didn’t have to stay on for very long, but once rinsed out, I was once again frightened with how terrifyingly Garfield/Snooki orange my roots had turned!


Then toner is applied to, well, tone that orange right on down. I love the way this stuff settles right on in and gets the color to the place it needs to be.

Toni Tony TONER

Since we were just touching up the roots, we didn’t redo my existing highlights so this time around we got to go straight from the wash bowl to the styling. Madusalon uses a technique called “Noodling” that to pull product through curls and give them a looser defined curl pattern. I love the way this looks, but I would never have the patience to do this at home by myself!

You can easily see the difference in curl pattern between the noodled and the clipped portions. Impressive!

Then I sat beneath the dryer for an hour and got about 98% dry.

And while drying I played on Instagram. I love Instagram...

Once I was fully dry, my hair had this great curl pattern, but had dried stiff and flat to my head like a regular ol’ helmet-o-curls.

Lola in helmet formation

Then Marie worked her magic with a Deva diffuser and fluffed my curls right on back to life! Check it out!

The finished color and style:

In addition to spending time with the always lovely Marie, I got to spend some time with Ami who is now taking clients of her own (very exciting! go see her too!) as well as the lovely Ilham who is moving to Paris to do her study abroad shortly. (Alors mes copines Francaise, il faut la rencontre la bas!!)


With Ami

Another job well done by Marie at Madusalon! Even on the second day, Lola is still looking on point! (Gotta love that noodling!!)


Happy weekend, y’all!!

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  1. Your hair looks amazing ! The hair color and cut are the perfect summer look. Your hair is great inspiration to new naturalista .

  2. Looking good! Loving the hair color and the cut on you.

  3. I love it and the color makes it pop. Keep doing your thang it inspires me.

  4. Your hair looks absolutely FABOU!!! Love the cut and the color. It all flatters you!!

  5. I love the cut, the color, everything. I am growing out a style, now looking for another one.

  6. You always look so nice! I love your hair. Gorgeous!

  7. I love your hair cut…and I might get the guts to try noodling at home or may introduce it to my hair stylist….im enjoying you site thanks…

  8. your hair is soo gorgeous! You have beautiful curls! I really have to get to a Deva Salon LOL that color is awesome too!! great job Marie!!

  9. What is noodling? I can’t find anything about this online for natural kinky hair.

  10. I will be in San Diego in December…I am seriously considering a little San Fran detour to see Miss Marie!!

  11. how did you get those curls and where is that salon?

  12. Loving your color Cass! I’m thinking about doing color soon too. Def going to make an app’t at Madu.

  13. I thought I just saw you at skyharbor but I was like when did Lola become blond? Darn…I should said Hi….your cut and color is flyy!

    • Oh yes. That was absolutely me walking like a zombie on the phone!!! You shoulda said hi indeed but thank you on the color and cut!! :)

  14. Absolutely love this color and styling. You and I could be hair twins! Nice to see great natural hair salons. Lola is looking fierce!

  15. I love ur hair!! How do you keep your hair moisturize…because my hair are bleached and its very dry!!! Can u help me please!!!

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