Back in San Francisco Part Deux: Mobile Style Delights + Trashy Fashion

Continuing on my latest adventures in San Francisco, I bring you PART DEUX:

Top Shelf Style = Pure Fashionista Brilliance

As far as I’m concerned, taco trucks are one of human kind’s best inventions. Rather than a stationary taqueria restaurant, these converted vans and trucks roll around delivering all sorts of deliciousness to various neighborhoods. Recent years have seen a blossoming of the mobile food industry as trucks offerings have expanded to French cuisine, Thai, curries and even the now ubiquitous cupcake!  It’s freakin’ awesome.

Last week I came across a whole new genre of mobile truck, a mobile FASHION truck, this one called Top Shop Style.  There are so many things to say about this innovative new San Francisco shopping experience.  Frankly I am A. concerned that this will be the end of my bank account and B. convinced that the owner of this truck, Christina Ruiz, is on some Einstein-level genius.


I came across this Mobile Fashion Truck when it was parked outside of a bar…where I was having drinks…at 11pm. I cannot even tell you how many times I have wanted to go shopping after a few adult bevvies and it was like my wishes had finally come true in full glittery, neon, and patterned technicolor. No but seriously, I was in heaven.

Thing is, you can’t leave heaven without a couple souvenirs…namely a funky new purse and the ILLEST pair of party pants (worn straight out of the store for the rest of the night).  Best part: phenomenally affordable prices. Oh, Top Shelf Style…I can’t wait for our next rendez-vous.




Aveda’s Trashy Fashion Show

When I heard there was a hair fashion show presented by one of my favorite product lines, I went-a-running!  I wasn’t sure what to expect, but was delighted to be whisked back stage and discover room filled with over 50 models sporting some of the most avant garde haute couture outfits…made completely of TRASH!  The Aveda Trashion Show was a fundraiser to raise funds for environmental non-profits and in the spirit of things, all presenting stylists and salons not only worked their hair magic, but also styled the models’ outfits completely out of recycled materials.  There were aluminum cans, film dispensers, newspapers, old Aveda advertisements, and coffee filters expertly crafted into gowns, cocktail dresses, tutus, suits and even dragon tails.  It was pure inspired creativity and I loved every second of it.  Check the pictures:



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  1. This is a really cool idea! You should follow her progress and let us know how she’s doing. :)

  2. OHH EM GEE!! A mobile fashion truck, love it! I will definitely be looking out for this truck next time I’m hanging out in the City.

  3. I will definitely be keeping an eye out for the Fashion Truck. I’m sure it will roll down SOMA sooner or later.

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