A Rookie Mistake + A Fantabulous Family Weekend!

I arrived in Minnesota at midnight on Friday, well technically Saturday morning, and headed straight to my Grandparent’s house because the rest of the fam had already headed up north for the weekend’s graduation festivities.  I was beyond tired and couldn’t wait to crash.  Per my blog post about traveling with natural hair that had just posted earlier that day, I had deep conditioned and styled my hair with just enough time to make sure I didn’t get on the plane with a wet head.  I styled using my Hair Rules Curly Whip because it’s got such good hold that with proper nighttime care I can easily get good w’n’g coils for four to five days.

I rushed through my nighttime routine, eager as heck to go to sleep, grabbing my scrunchies and sleep cap to preserve my coilies overnight….BUT much to my disappointment/horror/shock I realized that I HAD LEFT MY SLEEP CAP IN SAN FRANCISCO and I was all sorts of NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO:

There are many hair issues that I can work around…but not having a sleepcap on a fresh set of coils is almost certain death for Lola.  It was too late to run to a beauty supply store and/or call my Nana to see if maybe just maybe she had one.  I did a quick search and was also unable to unearth any silk scarves or the like.  Something had to be done…I couldn’t just crash on my hair because we had to be up and out of the house by 7am in order to make it to the ceremony on time.  This was the biggest rookie mistake of all!

Somehow a little light popped on in my head and realized that even if there was no sleep cap, what I really needed was to sleep on satin.  I took a little spin through Nana’s closet and unearthed a long sateen shirt dress …the perfect impromptu satin pillow case!  Draping it over a pillow worked perfectly and I woke up to picture perfect coils!

The next day, I went to Walgreens first thing in the morning and bought a new satin sleep cap, this one is just going to permanently live in my travel bag so this sort of disaster never strikes again!

The rest of the weekend was an awesome adventure in family time with the convergence of about 20 members of my extended family in celebration of my cousin Eryn’s graduation.  I road tripped up to Duluth, a little town on the shore of Lake Superior, with my grandfather (a.k.a.  Buddy) where we met the rest of the fam.  This was the first graduation ceremony in the family since my own and we were all very much proud of her! Here’s a few pics from the weekend (roll over or click for captions!):


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  1. It looks like you had a great time! Wow do you look just like your mother. Very cute!!

  2. You shoulda told me you were coming up here to MN. I woulda waved to you! lol

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