Fly Natural: Traveling With Natural Hair!

This evening,  I’m hopping on a plane to head home to Minnesota for the weekend for my cousin’s graduation and so excited to spend time with the entire fam–the first time since MY graduation six years ago!  I thought I’d take this opportunity to talk about FLYING with natural hair.  My hair is always always always as much of a consideration when prepping as packing for a trip.  I always like to deep condition before go and arrive with a fresh style, but not SO fresh that my hair is still wet on the plane. Truth is,  ya girl likes to get in the window seat and just passssss out.  And it’s a problem because you get on the plane looking all cute and then you land and your hair has this diagonal slope to it, which is especially embarrassing when you forget about it and strut off the jet way thinking you’re fly.  This is what happens in reality:



While I’ve got my own regimen and routine, I thought I’d pick the brain of a professional traveler who just happens to be a naturalista herself: Miss Evie Robinson of NomadnessTV.  Evie is great and is always bouncing around this great planet of ours and I deeply respect her dedication to seeing the world and connecting people from all different cultures.  She’s also got phenomenal hair, so I asked her to share with us her top five tips for traveling with natural hair.



1. Stock up. Bring as much of your products from home as possible, especially if you are traveling to a part of the world that you know it’s unavailable.

2. Make sure you have a daily moisturizer especially if in places with high heat indexes.

3. Look for local organic hair treatments. You never know what you may find abroad.

4. Understand that water in different countries varies, and may change the feel of your hair when washing and styling.

5. Keep it simple. The less you fuss with your hair, the better. Traveling is less about your hair and more about your experience there, so if it just means throwing your hair up in a ponytail, go for it and enjoy your time.

Well said, Miss Evie!  Well said!   I think point number 5 is especially key!  Your adventure is not the time to be dealing with figuring out how to do flat twists–gotta keep it simple!


As for me, I’m off to make my product picks and pack my bag for the weekend!  Stay tuned for a hello from the Midwest (I’m sure my sisters will want to say a quick hi)!

Be sure to check out NomadnessTV for a quick fix to satisfy your wanderlust.

Happy Friday, y’all!!



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  1. I agree with all of these except #1 – when I travel, I try to bring as few products as possible (ie, bringing a rinse out that doubles as a leave-in or a leave-in that can double as a sealer). Also, if I’m going somewhere in the US, I usually Google nearby places I know I can get my staples, like Whole Foods, Target, or BSS that carry the brands I like (these are often on their retailer pages).

  2. Minnesota….really I live here. How exciting to here you will be in town. Can’t wait to have a hair meet up here someday. I’ve been natural almost 14 months now. Totally loving it. Natural Chica and yourself were my inspiration. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful ideas. Cheers, LaShelle

  3. Thanks so much for the feature! enjoy your time darling! love your current style.

  4. Great article I like ur Window Seat pic.

  5. Thank goodness water is almost everywhere!!! My hair thrives on that mainly! Love the article!

  6. Thanks for sharing this today! I’m headed to MS tomorrow ( not for a fun graduation like you , but for a funeral). But, I have been worrying over what to bring and how to style my do while there. Anyways, thanks again!!

  7. Loving these daily posts! That 3rd shot is totally me when I take a cat nap on the sofa. Can’t wait to see what you decide to do with Lola for the wedding(s).

  8. Thanks for the tips! I always hate when my hair gets “smooshed” after laying on it and would always try to find an “intersting” way to rest/lay my head and prevent this issue (especially when flying). As you can imagine, most of these “rest” positions aren’t very comfortable. Lol.

  9. Loved this (those pics are hilarious cause that’s what I’m looking like right now!). Evie’s hair always looks FAB. I struggle to keep my hair moisturized while traveling, especially since I’m typically on a beach. The sun and salt water really dries it out.

    I’ve learned to keep a spray bottle with me that contains some type of moisturizer so I can spruce up my hair if it begins to get that “straw” look.

  10. That pic of your flat airplane hair made me laugh out loud. I can relate :)

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  14. I loved this post!
    Can I share it on my blog? If not, I’ll post to my fanpage on facebook. I think it’s a great list, but also for #1, it depends on whether it’s short term or long-term travel. When I moved abroad for study abroad (I definitely count this as travel..) and same when I went abroad again to teach English..I brought all the products I loved because I knew I wouldn’t find the same ones abroad.However, for short trips like a week or two, I keep it minimal, but it depends on my hair style. So far, I’ve either had my hair in a protective style or I wore it out in Wash n Go or Braid/Twist Outs. I put everything in travel sized bottles…just what I need for those two weeks. But I also bought a cheap conditioner when I was in Italy for detangling purposes….

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