A Braid Out Experiment: The Exploded Asym

You ever get all ready for bed and then all of a sudden you get this sudden flash of I WANT TO DO MY HAIR!  I dunno, maybe it’s just me where I have these moments of inspiration randomly pop up and because I never do my hair I have to answer to the urge.  Happened to me a couple nights ago.  Haven’t done a braid out since last July and in fact, I haven’t done anything to my hair since I started cutting last July.  So right before bed, I busted out my jar of Bee Mine Bee Hold Curly Butter and got to braiding.

A few things I learned about this set of braids due to having an asymmetrical haircut:

    • This cut does not lend itself to even braids.  Because my hair is cut very angularly, each section cannot be braided evenly at the bottom: one piece is always longer than the other.  So at the bottom of the braids, I had to switch to twists in order to make them stick.

    • I could only braid one side and had to leave the back and sides free because of the length.  Because I could only braid a third of my hair, these braids took a third of the time!  I was particularly jazzed about this because before doing braids or twists on my entire head took about 90 minutes.  This set: in and out in 30.  Yes.

    • Having only one section of my head braided looked….stupid.  I would never wear this out of the house.  Except that I ended up having to because I worked out at 7am and just had to look kind of crazy during my class.  But if you’re doing cardio pilates at 7am, you are obviously a total G and you are judgement free.

Here’s a vid I did of the twist out:

During the video I came up with calling the style the EXPLODED ASYM! It really looks like an explosion of hair, there’s a lot of gesture and movement and force, really taking the cut up a notch. I dug it. Here’s a few shots of the final look:

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  1. very nice!

  2. Super cute!

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