Award Winning Blogger Photo + Reception!

Remember long long ago when I posted about my portrait being included in photographer Gabriela Herman’s ‘Blogger’ series?

Oh you don’t?

Here ya go:

Well, little did we all know that this impromptu photoshoot of me getting down and dirty with Natural Selection in my bedroom would produce an award winning shot! Gab was recently awarded the honor of being selected as Photolucida’s Critical Mass Top 50! Even cooler is that one shot from each of these 50 winners was selected to be a part of a traveling West Coast tour and the photo selected from Gab’s series was the one of ME!

The tour is making its way to San Francisco tomorrow night (Thursday May 10th) at the Rayko Photo Center and launching with an opening party. I’ll be there along with Gab to check out the other finalists’ work. I’ll also being checking out, of course, the large photo of me looking much cooler, nicer, put together while blogging than I normally do.

I usually look like this (swapping out those sunnies for a sleep cap):

But that’s why Gab rocks. She took what I normally do (geeking out alone in my room) and literally illuminated it for the world to see! Hats off and a big congrats to Gab on this one! If you’re in the Bay you should totally come check it out manana! Hope to see you there! Yay!

Sidenote: sheesh! Look at all that HAIR I had once upon a time! Go Lola! Go Lola!

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  1. it’s amazing how it looks like 3 different people in those photos; and in that award winning one, man thatzalot of HAIR!

  2. Congratulations! What an amazing honor. I’m sure the event will be fab. So, how are you doing your hair and what are you wearing?

  3. Nice pic! Girl you got some hair on that head! I’m jealous my hair is fine, so not the same. Frame it!

  4. Congratulations Cassidy , you and Lola looking good . It’s a great photo and a wonderful way to honor you for all the great blogging!

  5. Congrats Cass! I wish I didn’t live so far away, I would love to come and see you and the exhibit. That is a FAB pic of you!

  6. Can I have a 36 x 24 size print please? Better yet, can I get a mural size that can adorn one side of my entire living room?

    Thank you for your time,
    Kind regards, I am
    Sincerely yours,

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