Getting Back to My Roots. Literally.

Remember when I was all sorts of nervous to give Lola her virgin dye job and then it turned out to be AWESOME and I’ve never gotten more compliments on my hair?  I do too.  It’s been great and the color has settled in well, even lightening a bit due to some nice sunny days here in San Francisco.  More than ever, people  have been stopping me on the street, complimenting not just the cut and my coils, but the color.  Gee thanks! Color me flattered!

But I’ve been noticing that nature is doing it’s thang and like it has my entire life, my hair is growing.  Issue is that with color, you can ACTUALLY SEE the growth.  It’s not too bad and I’m sure that I’m the only one that really notices.  Frankly, I only notice when I pull my hair back from my face like when I go to bed.  Or take pictures to post on the site like this one:

It’s kind of cool to see just how much my hair has grown in a month.  Having the line of demarcation between natural color and hair color makes that super easy to see!  While it doesn’t necessarily upset me, it definitely makes me aware that with color comes responsibility and eventually I will have to head on back to Dear Marie at Madusalon for touch up color.

Hmm.  Touch ups.

I haven’t thought about getting a “touch up” in a hot minute because before it was when I needed to get touch-ups with you-know-what.  (Ha! Relaxers are like Voldemort around here.  Except that Lola is Harry Potter and will now and forever reign supreme.  #nerdalert)

All in all though, Lola has maintained superb health even after going lighter.  Aside from the stint in Europe where I didn’t have access to my steamer, I have deep conditioned and/or steamed religiously once a week, ensuring that my coils have retained their moisture.  In fact, I haven’t needed to adjust my regimen whatsoever since the color, which makes me think that we were partaking in some excellent natural hair practices to begin with!

What are your plans for the weekend?  I’ll be headed over to a NARS beauty event here in San Francisco (I heart NARS) and celebrating Cinco de Mayo with a BBQ and amigos.  Happy friday, lovelies!

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  1. HURRAY, an update! Now, that’s what I’m talking about. Love the cut; love the color and love the idea of being able to clearly see how much growth there’s been since the color addition. Yet, the idea of being beholden to my stylist for a color touch up, holds me at bay for the coloring option, as well as a lack of a steamer, and time to properly manage color-treated tresses. I’m a wash n’ go gal and want no added steps. Does anyone have an recommendations for how to get safe and EASY lighter color without the commitment?

  2. You could always just grow it out. Having a lot of texture makes having roots look kinda funky! Or wait it out and go back darker for the winter.

  3. When I color I always go about 6 mos between touch ups. With coily hair its not as noticeable and I’m not that pressed with keeping my color straight out the shop fresh. Even when I rocked a low cut I would cut my hair instead of retouching my color.

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