Always a bridesmaid…now what to do with Lola?!

Well it’s finally started to happen, my friends are starting to get betrothed. I always knew this day would come and this upcoming summer, not only do I have two weddings, but I’m [honored to be] IN both of them! Yay! Two of my best friends are getting married in Minneapolis, respectively in June and July. I’ve been in cahoots with both of them as all of the details have been arranged: from their dresses (amazing) to the venues (top notch) to the bridesmaids dresses (gorge), all of the planning has gone super smoothly.

That is, until the question of wedding hair came up. Suffice it to say that considering this blog and the job and past natural hair traumas and all that I’ve learned about natural hair care over the past couple years that I am tier one picky with my hair. Not just how it looks, but in terms of who is doing the styling. We all know how much I love my stylist Marie, but the feasibility of me swooping her to Minnesota for two weekends is pretty minimal. As a result, I’m left with two choices: do my own hair or let the stylists selected by the brides handle Lola. Sure I could do my own hair, but the first wedding is black tie only, and to match my  gown, I would honestly like to do something a bit fancier for the big day!

Me trying on gown #1. You can see the full thing in June. Obvi.

Lauren, bride numero uno, selected Thomas Charles Salon to handle all of the bridal party’s hair. (Sidenote, this is the same salon where I got my very first hair cut as an 8 year old because one of the stylists was my grandmother’s good friend. They don’t specialize in black hair, but at this point I was heavy into hot combing and/or Just For Me relaxers so it worked.)

Hopping right on the wagon, I got right on the salon’s website and saw to my delight that they carry Deva products! Could it be that with my good fortune we HAPPENED to be going to a Deva salon!? Oh Glorious joyous joy what luck!! Just to confirm, I got on the phone and rang up the salon, explaining the situation. They connected me to the stylist handling the bridal party and I was disappointed to find out that despite carrying Deva products, they were not in fact a Deva certified salon…womp womp.


The stylist took a look at my blog, checked out Lola, and said “Look, Cass, I think you’ve got gorgeous hair and I really don’t want to fake it til I make it, so I don’t think I should do your hair. BUT I’ve done some research and I’ve found a Deva salon who I think you can connect with.”

Um, thank you! THANK YOU! How many heads of curls could be saved in the world if a stylist admitted to not knowing how to style it properly. Seriously, the honesty and the gesture couldn’t be more appreciated. I followed her referral and within a couple days, I found myself emailing with the manager of E42 Salon. E42 is a a Deva certified salon that LOVES curls and was SO excited about working with Lola for the wedding.  We’ve had some great email exchanges–they. get. curls.  Nothing makes me happier!

Even better, the stylists at Thomas Charles Salon agreed to have the E42 stylist style me there so that I wouldn’t miss out on the fun girly-getting-ready-time with the other nine (!!!!!) bridesmaids and the bride!

In the coming weeks, E42 is going to be sending over some style ideas and I will certainly be keeping you in the loop with what we’re thinking. I’m excited to see what they come up with, especially considering Lola’s asymmetrical cut is not going anywhere anytime soon.

Me and Lauren on her bachlorette adventure two weekends ago

Me and Katherine last winter

Looking forward to seeing what E42 comes up so we can start hashing things out for Katherine’s wedding in July!

Summer bridal season–here we come!

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