Sometimes, you just gotta wile out.  It’s just a plain reality of life.  This weekend’s about to be 80 degrees and gorgeous here in SF (it only goes about 70 about 5 times a year here so it’s really a cause for celebration!)  In an effort to kick off a kick ass weekend,  thought I’d leave you with some FRIDAY FIYAH a.k.a. a track that is makin’ me and Lola all like:

I haven’t stopped listening to this new track by Theophilus London feat A$AP Rocky in three days. Turn up the speakers and wait til the beat drops…you’ll see!

Speaking of fun musicians, did I ever tell you about how I met two awesome American artists while in Paris? Robert Glasper and Bilal! Miss AfroFly took me and my friends out to a club one evening, Djoon, for a party, which just happened to be one of the most fun club scenes I’ve ever been to. Just beautifully diverse with fantastic soul/funk/R&B. Anywho, I recognized this track playing:

I was struck because I had just seen Robert Glasper and Bilal playing in Oakland two weeks previously and hearing this song in Paris made me smile. Then I look beside me and see Bilal cruising through the crowd and I went up to him and was like…”uh, hey. I just saw you two weeks ago in Oakland.” I think the fact that I started speaking to him was clearly a surprise because he just smiled and gave me a hug and we snapped a pic:

Cass and Bilal a Paris

Then I ended up figuring out he was there with Robert Glasper because they had just performed together (I imagine the same concert I had just seen) so when I ran into him, he was all “Oakland!? What the hell are you doing here!?” It was a fun surprise for us all!

Cass and Robert Glasper in Paris

Highly recommend you check their music out!

Hope you enjoyed! What are you getting into this weekend?? Happy Friday y’all!! :)


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  2. Yay! I love love love Theophilus London, Robert Glasper and Bilal! I so wish I could see Robert Glasper and company in concert….his recently dropped album is dope! So cool you got to meet and hang out with them all the way across the pond :)

  3. Damn where’s the like button? lol

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