Parisian Style Hunting with French Blogger Fatou

One of the best parts about the London and Paris events was that it allowed me to connect and make friends with the local naturalistas. The girls were all SUPER nice and a few of them even offered to take me around the city and show me some of their local favorite spots for shopping, hair, and beauty. Fatou of offered up a day of vintage shopping and lunch to which is said an immediate OUI! MERCI!

I met her at the Etienne Marcel metro stop in the 1eme arrondissment – a very chic quartier right in the middle of Paris filled with cafes and boutiques. After greeting each other in the with the typical French two-cheek bisous, we wound our way through the streets, Fatou in her stilettos impressive not just for their height, but also because we were walking on century old cobblestones-a skill Parisian women have artfully mastered. We reached our destination, a fabulous store filled with funky chic vintage tops, skirts, dresses, and pants. I scoured the racks taking it all in, while Fatou lost herself in the skirt section pulling out some really awesome multi-colored print options for herself. We both ended up settling on a couple skirts, mine a pleated version reminiscent of the 1980’s track suits with gold chains all over them (can’t believe that print is coming back!)

Afterwards, we checked out another vintage store, this one a little pricier. I set out to find something in the sherbert orange hue that’s popping up all over the place this spring, which Pantone has labeled Tangerine Tango and also happens to be the color of the year. I’m all for it–looks great on chocolate skin!

Finally we found ourselves a tad hungry and settled on a cafe situated on an idyllic street filled with pedestrians and bikers and perched ourselves in a prime outdoor location for sunning and people watching. Over a lunch of pizza and rose wine, we chatted about life as a beauty blogger in Paris. Fatou’s blog, BlackBeautyBag, is one of the first French blogs dedicated to black beauty and has a ton of great content geared to fashion, make up, and of course hair. Her gorgeous thick fro is definitely noteworthy and she rocks it with such elegant grace in a wide variety of styles from twist outs to a blow-out fro-out.

After filling our bellies, we headed back towards the metro to a make up shop called Black Up that I had seen upon arriving. Black Up, is as you can probably guessed, make up geared towards black skin (get it!? get it?!). The chic and shiny interior is filled with brown skinned models (with a noticeable lack of natural hair) and a full range of products from foundations to lip glosses to parfum (which I LOVED). I was immediately whisked into the make up chair and received a full Black Up make over! I loved how they used a turquoise eye pencil to subtly match my I’Me earrings and while I walked out of there wearing more make up than I normally would, it looked effing HAUTE! The foundation was light and didn’t break me out, while the colors were bold enough to stand out on my skin. I’m a fan and hope to see more of this line in the states (but again, with more #naturalhair representation).



If you’re in Paris, stay tuned to Fatou’s blog for info on the event she’s having at Black Up this week.
All in all, a great day of beauty blogging with one of Paris’ best!

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  1. I love this african girl and her blog!!! one of my favourite blog on the web! She is so gorgeous!

  2. Looks like you had a lovely shopping day! Unfortunately I don’t like shopping in France. There isn’t much choice and everything looks the same and for only certain body types. I wish they had thrift shopping that was cheap like in the States but they seem to have gone the high end vintage shopping. Oh well I wait to return to the States, go to London, or shop online. Your make-up looks great in the pic!! Very flattering! I hope you bought some Black Up to take back with you. Love the stuff!

  3. Yeah, I love France and Paris, but definitely agree with Deirdre that clothes shopping only works for some, and I’m definitely not in that demographic either.

    Of course, I usually have so much on my plate that shopping is kind of secondary anyway (except art and books)…

  4. The two of you look fabulous! Looks like you had a wonderful time shopping, eating and Chic-ing all around Paris.

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