UK Natural Hair Salon Owner Interview + A Literal Afro Sponge

I toooooold you I had some good videos from Europe coming your way! Things are a bit difficult to upload to Youtube as I bounce around Paris, but I’m trying to get things up and translated as fast as possible to share with you!

Here are a couple videos from the London Workshop where I had the chance to interview Margot Rodway-Brown, owner of Adornment365- a London-based natural hair salon who had super interesting insights on the natural hair movement in Europe.

I am currently posted up in a McDonald’s at one of the Paris airports going H.A.M. on the free wifi. I was up at 5:30 this morning, only to miss my 8:30am flight to Toulouse! Womp womp. I’ve been waiting for a few hours and have a few more hours to go, but I’m very excited to head to Toulouse for a couple days!

In other news: check out this funny “Afro-Sponge” we found at a little giftshop in London. For all of you who always say that your hair is like a sponge, well–here you go! And for those of you who are about to get offended about this little trinket, don’t. There was also a scrub brush made out of a dude with a mohawk and a mop-like rag made out of long straight hair. Just kind of makes me feel funny about the idea of using hair to clean dishes… hmmm…

Anywho–enjoy the vid!! :)

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  1. I find the sponge to be extremley racists. I cannot believe you as a black woman would find this funny. Think about all that your ancestors went through

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