“Black Girl Flow” and the UK Natural Movement

I met the ladies of Black Girl Flow the day before the London natural hair event when they were interviewing Felicia Leatherwood for a natural hair documentary they were working on. I had the chance to flip the cameras on them and have them tell me about natural hair in the UK and their documentary, Kickin It With the Kinks, at the London Workshop. I’m really inspired and impressed with what these ladies are doing and am thrilled to share it with you!

Kickin It With the Kinks is still in production, but it has won a prize for the best documentary in Cynthia’s (the director) school’s film department. There is no question that Chris Rock’s Good Hair movie had an amazingly strong impact on bringing to light the the issue of black hair, and it’s great to see the specific issue of natural hair identity being explored so profoundly. To learn more about the project and to see some of the film trailers, check out this link.

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  1. Thank you…….I just had a discussion with my daughters – one of them will shortly graduate at Nottingham UNI and vowed not to show up if she insists on wearing her blonde hair do……simply not acceptable …..if one cannot do natural then braid or go short….but maintain the AFRICAN identity.

    Mundia, Rex is a friend and colleague …..here in Tunis.

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