Paris Workshop Wrap Up + Gallery!

WOW! All I can say is WOW! The Paris Natural Hair Academy was absolutely an amazing event. Organized by Bellebene and AK-A Events, the Paris Natural Hair Academy hosted over 200 Parisian naturalistas for a sunny afternoon cruise along the Seine river in the middle of the city. While Felicia Leatherwood presented her Loving Your Hair With Natural Care Workshop and attendees, we floated past iconic landmarks such as Notre Dame et the Eiffel Tower while soaking up valuable haircare knowledge and sunshine.

I had the opportunity to chat with many of the attendees (and film videos with them en Francais!) to discuss the natural hair movement in Paris and their natural hair journeys. One of the first persons I ended up chatting with was a stylist named Marc Clement, whose salon I had come across back in 2005 and became the one salon in Paris that I trusted to do my relaxers. When he introduced himself, I knew who he was immediately and told him that the last time I had seen him, he had been relaxing my coils rather than celebrating them! To hear him acknowledge the natural hair movement and express his desire to learn more about the innovations in natural hair techniques and processes, truly validated a large part of my trip back to France and showed how truly far reaching and widespread the naturaldom has become.

There was also a special surprise appearance by French Actrees Aissa Maiga who gave an inspirational talk charmed the audience with her wit and powerful words about the natural hair movement in France.

It was such a phenomenal experience to connect with these Parisian naturals about their hair and the conversation flowed freely between English and French sprinkled with lots of smiles and laugher. I loved loved loved meeting all of the Parisian bloggers in attendance, je suis ravie qu’on pouvait se rencontrer! Il faut qu’on garde contacte, ok!?

Photo par Paris Natural Hair Academy! (Le tien est bien mieux que le mien :D)

Shout out to the sponsors for pulling off such a magical event:, AK-A Events, Shea Moisture, and Jane Carter.

I’ll be posting a lot of my videos on YouTube and on the blog in the coming days, but I wanted to get a gallery up so you can check out all of the snaps from our first day in Paris–couldn’t have gone better!

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